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Episode 0048: Pickpocket? Me?

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After having a bit of trouble remembering the words of power to travel from Papau to the Encyclopedia Magika in Moonglow, i finally find my self looking into the moongate. I decide my day is not quite over.

There is more to be stolen I am sure of it.

Stepping through the gate I return to my beloved battleground Yew gate.

Out of habit I steal a skull of greed from Jesus.

I hear a sound emanating from the gate, Key Suspect the leader of WTF steps through.

I turn my attention to him and snoop his pack.

*Eyes widen*

A mighty machete!

Just as I'm about to make my steal, it occurs to me... Perhaps there are other uninsured items within his pack.

My attention moves to a composite bow at the bottom of his pack.

A weapon of great value!

My heart races...

Success, a perfect steal. Now for the machete.

Another flawless steal later both the items are mine and Key Suspect is no where to be seen.

He didn't even notice. ^^

I head to Luna to stow my items safely within my bank box.


Overflowing with pride, I decide to test my luck at despise once again...

I take my usual position on the island and watch a battle between HeRo and TDR/J^W unfold.

Barracoon shows his face as the guilds battle over control of the isle.

The battle rages back and fourth with neither guild being able to hold the isle.

The battle slowly moves to the South west where it would seem that TDR/J^W gains the upper hand.

HeRo returns with a bit of help from other blues and they successfully chase TDR/J^W away.

Coon falls and I miss my chance. I figure i might still be able to get something if i hurry to the star room.

Enter Nikard and Amun Re into the star room. They begin to chat and I take the opportunity to sort Nikard's scrolls.

I take the one I deem of highest value and run for terathan keep.

Success! I wait a moment and return to the empty star room where i head to Luna.

As I step out, I spot the very same scrolls that were within Nikard's pack on the ground.

I can only assume he left them there for me to find.

I thank thee. ^^


I decide to start from the top of my rune book and make one last sweep of my marks.

At the Britain blacksmith I find what I'm looking for.

One busy at work on bods, my favorite.

Within his pack I find an ASH +30, ASH +15 and a spined runic kit.

He equips his +30 and begins to bang out some armor.

I wait patiently.

As soon as the hammer appears in his pack I take the item.

I wait and gauge his reaction.


I then Take his Spined kit and hide as soon as possible.

While considering taking his +15 he suddenly begins to shuffle items around in his pack. Looking for his +30. ^^

He stumbles backward in disbelief bumping right into me.

With my presence detected I equip my heavily used hammer and express my gratitude to him.

Just as I was about to leave he stops me.

Feeling generous, I give him the very reasonable offer of 25k.

He accepts and I follow him to the bank.

The respectable man wastes no time in obtaining my check and I return his hammer to him.

Just around the corner I find yet some more marks.

Within the pack of The Glorious Lord Major Mudblup i find a Shadow runic hammer, a spined runic kit and a Oak Fletcher's kit.

I change into ferret form and conceal my small body behind Lord Major.

Intending on obtaining all three items I steal the hammer...


Steal the Spined kit...


Eh 2 out of 3 is good. ^^

What a day it has been!

-Jose Muerto

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