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Episode 0035: A Legacy Begins Part II

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Greetings, todays tale begins on a cold Sosarian winter morning. Most of britannia is huddled by their fireplaces, drinking hot cocoa and dreaming of warm summer beaches. I however, comb the countryside in search of easy marks. My journey starts in minoc, I quickly spot evidence of a wandering tailor or some sorts. Could this be it?

Apparently not.

I follow the trail around and around for what seems like an eternity. The trail goes cold, no sign of life. The sleepy town of minoc had not yet awoken, I pressed on to the northeast.

I crept through the fjords, the icy grass crunching under my feet. Bitter cold wind slapped my face as I spotted movement in the distance. I advanced forward to investigate, careful not to reveal my presence.

What I saw confused me at first, a couple of swamp dragons. At first glance one would think nothing of it.

One of the creatures looked particularly agitated, and someone had painted the words "Sexyswampy" on the side of its armor plating. My testicles receded as I began to fathom what they use this beast for.

* Bad Thoughts*

And then I saw the culprit:

Animocity, an unkempt, worn out looking broad came into my view. Irvis, the man of the house stepped outside. It was then that I realized what was going on. The two were part of a very successful underground prostitution ring, and they were expanding.

The two were still completely oblivious to me and I waited with baited breath for a target of opportunity. I couldn't believe this was happening I had to snoop them, my hands shook with anticipation.

Suddenly, Irwin darted across his lawn I snooped him to see a pack full of items and a bright purple chest. He runs past me and unloads the chest onto the slab of his new brothel. Perfect! As he runs back to gather more goods, I stealth up to the unsecure container.

I quietly crack the lid on the chest and immediately spot a pair of personal bless deeds, I take them. I open the other containers inside and to my surprise, I find a set of invulnerability blue died barbed leather arms.

Haha! I may have to wash them but they are mine! What else do you have for me? I ask. But they quickly move all of the containers to the center of their private house.

I switch to rabbit form in hopes to reduce my chances or being revealed and close in for a better look at what was going on.

Animocity and Irwin thought they were alone, and decided to christen their new bordello with a good ole blowjob.

Satisfied with my loot and the free show I decided to go secure my loot. I must return to see what else I can find here at a later date...

To be Continued.

-Bill Brasky

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