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Episode 0032: A Legacy Begins Part I

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Greetings people of Sosaria, my name is Bill Brasky. My mission in this world; to steal everything I can get my hands on, and kill anyone I deem necessary to die. It is a cruel world out there, sometimes I think people need a reminder. The feluccan facet will be my hunting grounds, and it seems as though my arrival has gone unnoticed thus far.

And so it begins

I comb the Sosarian woods for marks, my skills still honing to perfection. Stopping to rest on a log, my communication crystal breaks the silence of the forest. It was my half-brother Jose Muerto, celebrating the pilfering of a tactics alacrity scroll at the yew gate. Without hesitation I recalled to yew. Itsmehehehe was there standing one space from the gate. I quickly glanced in his pack, trying not to ponder the foolishness of the man's name. I was shocked when I saw a bright blue, cursed scroll there for the taking. He notices me as I pull the scroll out of his pack. I run for my life, expecting the guards to vanquish me at any moment. Out of the guardzone, I quickly hide to catch my breath. I open my clinched fist and there is is, a chivalry alacrity!

It was a great first steal, however my inability to fully document the experience disturbed me. I returned to the scene of the crime to see what I could find.

WickedWayz was standing at the gate, his pack as empty as his mind.

I was then introduced to the foppish, Cherry Dr Pimper.

He complained to his buddies while I looked about his pack. It was a grab-bag of refuse, nothing worth stealing in the guard zone.

And so onward I ventured through the forest, In hopes of finding another victim. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I surveyed the countryside. I came upon a beautiful waterfall. I paused here for a moment to make a wish.

Across the bridge I went, and to my surprise:

Two of Ten appeared out of nowhere, anticipation mounted as I closed in on him.

He disappears before I can snoop him. But as quickly as he is gone, he returns.

I open his backpack, and steal his luminescent fungi. He stops lumberjacking only to recall away.

Convinced he would return, I hide in the nearby foliage and wait.

Like clockwork he returns to exhaust the trees of their logs. I decide to scout the surrounding terrain. Slightly to the east was the dilapidated abode owned by Andrew. No doubt the safe home for Two of Ten and his cronies.

I find Two of Ten again to preform another steal

Again! And still he doesn't notice me as I take the bark from his pack. He doesn't put up a fight, or run, or even scream for help. This man must be some sort of blind lumberjack slave, working all night long while his master sleeps. I decided to follow this blind man around for a while and see what he would like to donate.

For a half an hour, I stole everything light enough to steal from the blind man's pack. As he recalled around from tree to tree, I realized he was also the laziest, blind, gay lumberjacker in all of sosaria! Visions of his violent death throes were spiraling throughout my mind. Stealing from a blind man was no challenge, and all my thoughts were of ending this man's pathetic existence. I reveal my dagger and rush towards him.

Suddenly his brother, Seven of Ten, pops in for a visit to the south. The interruption doesn't slow me down.

Within striking distance, I put a fukiya dark in the back of his neck. He begins to foam at the mouth as his body convulses. I move in for the kill.

A quick slash to the throat and his head almost comes off, moments later he is dead in a pool of his own blood. Without hesitation I rush to the south to greet his kin.

His blind brother, Seven of Ten is standing outside looking lost. I greet him with a poisoned fukiya dart to his inbred face.

He writhes around in pain, much as his brother did moments ago, I finish the job with my dagger.

Seven of Ten was dead, and while his belongings were worthless, his death served to cheer me up a bit. And with that I returned to Luna to deposit my goods.

Satisfied after a days stealing, I only had one last thing to do.

What would tomorrow bring?

-Bill Brasky

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