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Episode 0036: A Legacy Begins Part III

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I awoke from my nap in cold sweats. Last night I had a terrible dream that I was naked at the brit bank. Everyone was taunting me, telling me what a terrible thief I was. I would never amount to anything. Pathetic.

It was just a dream I reassured myself, a lie. I was a great thief, it was time to show the world. But where to start.

I shake off the bad dream and crack open my runebook, It was time to revisit my favorite felucca whorehouse. And it looks as though its open for business.

Lil One is there with Animocity for some pricey girl on girl action, things are looking up already!

I sit back in the shadows and watch the two in hopes to get another free show.

Who's that? Its our old friend Irwin! He is also curious about what is going on on his doorstep, perhaps a bit jealous.

Lil One retreats to the safety of the bordello to "warm up", as Animocity warms up Irwin

The two lovers exchange body fluids combined with verbal intercourse for quite some time .

Irwin pulls up his robe to expose his white pubic hair, and shrunken genitalia.

Animocity laughed, sad.

The two appeared to have a very strange relationship, I didn't want to know any more than I already did. Hell I'm already having nightmares goddamnit. But It just keeps getting better.

A cute little moment of insecurity between the old man and the working girl, ashamed about their taboo relationship.

She then recalled away and Irwin was left standing alone, I made my move.


He than ran inside, disappeared and the house reverted back to a slab. Patiently, I waited for Irwin to come back outside with a present.

But he did not return, instead a new mark, Papa Smurf recalls in a few steps away from me.

I positioned myself near the steps and pull his paperdoll. As I'm doing this he darts towards the house and passes one tile from me. Panicking, I mash my F5 button and open his backpack before he runs inside. I carefully poke through his belongings.

An uninsured katana for me?? looks pretty nice too! I target the weapon and wait patiently for his return. Not a minute passes by and he steps outside once more.

This is my chance!

I lunge toward him and snatch the weapon from his pack, he notices as I scramble for animal form. The smurf gives chase but I am long gone.

It was his, now it is mine ^^.

I proudly return to Luna to bank my loot, perhaps make a quick sale.

Opening my bankbox, I hear a voice behind me. "There's that thief that was creeping around my house"

Hey! Its Papa Smurf!

"Thank thee for thy donation" I tell him

He attempts to convince me that he is a good person and deserves not to be stolen from, but I know his dark secrets. I offer to sell his sword back to him, however he declines.

Mission Accomplished

"Ill sleep well tonight" I thought to myself as I checked into the Inn.

Word of the great Bill Brasky is spreading. And this is only the beginning.

-Bill Brasky

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