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UO Thief was born after 2 very important things happened: (1) I retired my PvP mage and carpenter and (2) I decided to play my thief exclusively from that point on. I took screenshots of my steals with Chad, turned those screenshots into episodes, and then posted those episodes onto my own personal free forum. After I created the first 22 episodes I decided to continue making more until I reached 100. But it soon became clear that I was in need of a more official place to host those stories. And thus, UO Thief was born.

It began as a personal website. For the first 6 months or so, it was just a place for me to post my own episodes for other people to read. People on the shard and other shards soon began to notice and asked to join my guild. It then became a guild website. For next next year and a half, it was a place for both me and my guildmates to post all of our steals for everyone to read. Soon after that, it changed once more into a community website. Other thieves in other guilds on other shards began sending me their own steals. From a personal website to a guild website to a community website, I was more than happy to host PvP thievery episodes authored by any thief here on UO Thief. But let's talk specifics and let's go back to the beginning...

UO Thief officially launched on September 1, 2006.

At the time, I started and stopped many failed UO related projects including a hand-drawn UO Comic Strip, a little UO Fiction, and a free UO themed RPG Maker Game. I even convinced my brother to begin writing a non-thievery related UO Novel. UO Thief was basically my little playground. It was just my little corner of the internet to do with what I pleased. After a while, it soon became clear that there just weren't enough hours in the day (on top of real life responsibilities) to maintain them all. One-by-one I began letting these projects go and in the end, the only one of them to survive would be my RPG Maker Game. And over the next 6 years, I would return to game and work on it for months at a time resulting in the 20-30 hour fan game that is still featured on UO Thief to this day. (And if you haven't played it yet, you can be sure that there are many characters and locations taken directly from my 305 mis-adventures in UO.)

The guild grew and the site changed accordingly. I began hosting stories from non-guilded thieves and once again, the site changed accordingly. In the beginning, UO Thief was all about me. There was a time when there are 140+ of my own episodes and only 40 total episodes from everyone else. This isn't the case today. In 2011, my episodes were finally overshadowed and it can now be said that the majority of content found on UO Thief is community created. My finger prints are still all over the site, but because of the changes from 'personal' to 'guild' to 'community' website, UO Thief is becoming less and less "about me" every day.

The point is that if you look at UO Thief today, hopefully you can now better understand and appreciate why it looks the way it looks. The "Mis-adventures" is where it began, "Undeniably Sexy" is an odd relic from the past, and the "Tales" is the new focus of the site. And then there's the "FAQ" which is one of the most historic UO documents ever written as far as I'm concerned. As of February 2, 2012 UO Thief is host to nearly 650 thievery episodes written by roughly 100 thieves across 12 different shards. UO Thief has attracted 250,000+ page views per year, over the past 6 years. Thanks for reading and like I always say, there's no point in writing if no one ever reads.

-Chad Sexington

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