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Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale

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"Undeniably Sexy - A Thief 's Tale is a powerful RPG with an emphasis on story. Numerous twists and omnipresent humor [will] make [sure you] will not get bored." Says Goniec RM's Review in 2013. "4.5 out of 6" Source

"The dialogue, characters, and story in the game are all pretty great. For that alone, I would definitely recommend playing this title." Says RPG RPG Revolution's Official Review in July of 2009. "8.0" Source

"The tone of the game, as you'll see, is very devil. Difficult to [not] smile in the face of countless dialogue of rare stupidity that [you'll] read [while] playing." Says Rpg2s Magazine in their September 2008 Issue. "8.5" Source

>Game Status: 100% Complete

  • This project started on 6-21-2006.
  • This project was last updated on 8-17-2013.
  • This is an Ultima Online fan game made with RPG Maker XP.
  • This game will always be FREE to download and play.
  • No profit has ever been made from this game in any way, shape, or form.
  • There are roughly ~35 hours of gameplay.


You play as a thief named Chad Sexington as you fumble and bumble your way into one strange situation after another, meeting the other six main characters along the way. Unknowingly, by the end, you would have played a central role in a series of major events. Honestly, when you get down to it, the "story" is extremely simple. But I'm more interested in what happens long the way.

This game focuses on the characters and the situations they find themselves in. This is what pulls me back into finishing the project. The "major events" are secondary and are just a backdrop in which the story can be told. Every character has at least some clue to what's going on -- everyone except Chad. Chad's clueless nature is a quality in him that I play all the way to the end. The sole purpose of "defeating the big baddie and saving the world" is only included in the game to keep the story moving along, stringing together all of the situations the cast of characters encounters.



  • All 64 Magery spells and 10 Chivalry spells straight from Ultima Online.
  • Graphics, Sound FX, and BGM from UO.
  • Recognizable Dungeon layouts and monsters from UO in addition to completely new dungeons.
  • Recognizable Towns and Cities from UO, in addition to completely new populated areas.
  • The Ultima Skill System - Like UO, the skill system is central part of the game. Each of the main characters has a set of 3 Ultima Skills. Each skill has a maximum value of 1000. Based on a simple linear equation, the higher the skill becomes, the harder it is to gain. Depending on the skill, actions you take in battle and/or out of battle increases that skill. Ultima Skills are all independant of Level-ups.
  • Support of non-combat skills such as Blacksmithy, Mining, and Fishing.


  • Mostly RTP Character Sets.
  • Lack of complex Scripts; almost all features are done with events alone.

-Chad Sexington

Download Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale Let's Play

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