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Episode 0192: Lady Luck Herself

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While innocently killing some zombies and ghouls in the Brit GY, I strike up and conversation with Ol' Grey Mullet.

He tells me, "Why kill them at Brit GY when there is a greater dragon killing unattended at Moonglow?"

Hmmm, good point! I head over to Moonglow and see no GD, but I do see a GY littered with undead corpses. I loot away (2 pumkin scarecrows, a ruined tapersty, and some cats). I decide to head back to Brit GY, as the creatures there are more on my level (afterall, I am but a harmles thief!).

About 5 minutes into my fun in Brit, I notice a strange PURPLE greater dragon walking around killing everything.

I shout out to my guildies, "Damn, theres a purple dragon here. Are pet dyes out?"

"Nope" they say. "Im comin to check it out they say".

While awaiting their arrival, I start talking to myself.

"Damn a purple dragon, how?"

And as pride will do to a person, this dragons owner drops her defenses and shows herself.

"I dunno, pertified I think." says Luck. Lady Luck huh? Lets hope you're good to me tonight.

"Huh, cool" I say to her.

"You guys here? Snoop her? Anything Good?"

"Just a buncha blessed stuff... ooo a throbbing heart!"

Grey Mullet appears and dashes off madly with a throbbing heart between his fingers. The Mullet returns and makes a grab for something else, but receives the dreaded "All Kill."

Mullet rezes, but Jareth and Mullet have no regs, so I attemped a solo attack on Luck, but her hiding/stealth skills + her GD proved to be too much for me alone. She escapes through a moongate while I am in criminal status.

2 hours later, I decide to make another trip to the Moonglow cemetery, and this is when I call in the big guns...

To be continued...

-Enkil Visigoth

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