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Episode 0167: My Second Day! (Part 2)

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Hail Friends!

After my previous adventures for this day, i figured that i would not find anything else to consdier "A good time". Very Wrong i was.

Like usual.. I head for Luna First, Where i find yet another smelly Orc.

A Highly intersting mask carved from a bear, in his pack. It quickly becomes mine.

Upon returning to the bank, my next victim is waiting for me.. With a nicely drawn picture of a Pixie.

After mounting my trusty steed, i grab the item and head for the gates.

As i return, I am saddend to find my new friend is no where to be found, But the gift of the portrait is enough to make me smile.

Moments pass and I find someone who I had not yet met. With another interesting mask in their pack.

As i snag it out of her grasp, another item in her pack catches my eye. I move back in to get a closer look.

Just as with the mask, the bracelet now also belongs to me.

At this point, my Night becomes very dull.. I decide to check on the Local Postings for Anything going on.

Posting by Hoffs

The next Werewolf! event will be held at The Tortured Elf tavern in Gilfane on Friday, 13th March at 8pm Eastern. All are welcome to attend and no game skills or equipment are required. It is an excellent way for shard newcomers to meet members of the Siege community.

Upon reading this i head to where the event will be held.

I sneak in and take my place behind the bar.. And Wait!

(Now the funny thing here is.. I make 14! Haha!)

After this long winded speech, i start to move around this crowed little room.. trying to stay hidden.

It seems they have spotted me!

Luckly i manage to slip back into the shadows and return to my thieving.


This is where the night gets interesting, A Murderer with the name of Calaman begins to quickly pick off everyone in sight.. I use this chance to grab a few items for myself.

After all the excitment as died down.. Back upstairs i go!

I snag my final item for this little gathering and head back to luna.. in need of the bank.

Upon arival i notice a Murderer who is just begging to be stolen from.

As the red runs for the sake of his items.. Another shows himself.. only to be stolen from instantly.

For now, Good night!

Until Next Time!


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