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Episode 0166: My Second Day!

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Hail Friends!

Today.. Im feeling lucky as i venture out into the world..

The Day starts in Luna once again and as i looks for my first target I notice AEowyn. Now I've heard tales of this woman, so i decide that she shall be the first to taste my vengeance!

Very casually I walk up to her and pretend to look into my Bank Box.

As i quietly open her pack, I instantly see what i want. A very interesting looking bracelet.

I must have it!

Before she can even realize I'm there, The bracelet is now on my own wrist!

Next I find myself standing next a very Red "Elvis" who is obviously not.. the king

(What is this world comming to?!)

With too many attackers at my Tail, I quickly take whatever hits my grasp first and run as quickly as possible for the Eastern Gate.

The False "King" Gives chase, but i am too quick and easily make my escape!

When i finally make my way back into the Safe Guard of luna, I instantly see my next target.

A rather foul looking orc with a name i couldn't even begin to pronounce.
As i make my move he fires an arrow into my chest which is followed by a nasty poison!

I manage to steal something..

(Only god knows what)

And slip back into the guards.. which quite the harsh injuries.

With this close call.. I decide to call it a day..

::** The Next Day **::

Once again, to Luna i go! As i arrive to the bank i notice an unsuspecting looking tamer, just sitting there begging to be pillaged.

I open his backpack and notice yet another Magical Bracelet

(With little else)

With not much else to choose from i decide to take it.

As it slips itself into my backpack i move to the West Gate and into safety.

Having luck with people who seem to be lost within their thoughts.. I spot another innocent looking person, just standing there!

I open his backpack and examine its contents.. A few things here and there.. nothing really catches my eye.. Until!

With the ring on my mind.. and in my hands.. I dash out of the town.

After the guards have forgotten my thievery, back into luna I go!

Where i notice a tamer.. Once again, Just standing there!

I Open his pack and !!! Jackpot!!! With almost no time to lose, i grab the item without even thinking, Greed Controls my actions.

As i dash out of the murderous guards reach i look into my pack. As my eyes fall upon the item i had just managed to wiggle out of this tamers grasp, I leap with joy!!


Another Good day!!

Until Next Time!


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