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Episode 0131: Fun and Games (pt.2)

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Another day dawns and I find myself right back in Luna waiting on some special magic to happen that would ignite the senses and send me into the wild to pursue Lady Luck and her Lesbian Mistress, Madam Fortune.


Looks like they are running late, I think I'll go check Yew Gate........


Nothing.......it's like everyone is off distracted by some grand event elsewhere........

I thought today would be a wasted venture then I hear a whisper in my ear...

[Alliance][Shinobi]: nexus
[Alliance][Shinobi]: you online?
[Alliance][Shinobi]: wanna steal an arcane shield?
[Alliance][Nexus]: Where?

An Arcane Shield!! That's all I needed to know is that something valuable was soon to fall into my greedy little paws....

See Shinobi is a different type of thief, he's got a silver tongue and he uses it....He'll pretty much talk folks out of their valuables. He's found this person named C C in Luna with an uninsured Arcane Shield equiped.

Well he struts over chats with her a bit, and they leave the main area and I follow......

Couple minutes later She's Green to me and then in a flash Dead!....

Mr Right: why you kill
Which item will you attempt to steal?
You have lost a good amount of karma.
You successfully steal the item.
[Alliance][Mr Right]: what happened
[Alliance][Shinobi]: steal what you want off me

You see it seems she had 6 more in her pack....and Shinobi on the spot decided to make a game of this....chasing him all over Malas and Felucca if you could snag it you could keep it ......

After it was all said and done.....

Yea I stole an Arcane shield just not in the fashion any of us expected.....But hey Free's free and we had a good time doing it!

Things quiet down and I hear that familiar whisper once again....

Shin had more fun planed for today....and of course we were going to do it Thief style.......but while we were waiting at the location for all the troops to gather some interesting news sprouted up....

Tetricyde: guess what i got bitces
Tetricyde: bitches
Mr Right: aids?
Mr Right: hiv?
Sarme: herpes
Nexus: genital warts?
Tetricyde: new Cloak
Mr Right: herbes
Mr Right: lol
Elf: i was gonna say
Elf: aids
Elf: HIV
Tetricyde: Royal Guard Investegator's Cloak
Mr Right: can i see it?
Tetricyde: +20 Stealth
Tetricyde: its coming over from baja
Tetricyde: when i xfer my crafter
Mr Right: so you dont have it
Tetricyde: its +20 stealth
Mr Right: replica?
Mr Right: or real
You see: Sarme [P0O]
Tetricyde: Real
Elf: yes
Mr Right: nice
Nexus: OMG
Nexus: you got Chad's old cloak
Nexus: He sold it here about 2 years ago
Tetricyde: you talking about chad from the guild CHAd
Tetricyde: on baja
Tetricyde: ?
Nexus: No Chad from THIEF
You see: a tropical bird
Tetricyde: or chad from the guild 47 on baja
Tetricyde: i got it on baja not atlantic
Nexus: He was orginally on Baja
You see: Shinobi [P0O]
Shinobi: wow
Nexus: now he plays Siege
Tetricyde: i bought it from a friend
exus: Shin!
Tetricyde: such a good deal
Nexus: You here this shit?
Nexus: Tetricyde bought Chad's +20 Cloak on Baja and is having it sent over here....
Tetricyde: for 30 mil
Tetricyde: Smile
Shinobi: what a bastard
Nexus: YEs
Mr Right: sss
Nexus: He sold it bout 2 years ago
Shinobi: tet
Shinobi: this is chad's guild
Shinobi: lol
Shinobi: THIEF
Nexus: +20 Stealth
Tetricyde: well its my cloak now
Shinobi: ok
Tetricyde: haha

***writes note in book to swindle THIEF Artifacts back to members of THIEF***

Amazing it's a small world isn't it....

Anyways the game we were to play was simple...

No Hiding
No Stealthing
No Teleporting
No Attacking
No Leaving the Area
No Prancing around like Girl Men

The Prize...One Slime Dyed Oak Leaf Cloak Replica. It looks exactly like a death robe when equipped and can allow thieves to move around with little notice from the local marks.

When we were given the word we rushed Shinobi and stole the shroud, after that we had to try and keep it until Time was called then exit the arena. The problem was, all of us were thieves! No one knew exactly who had the shroud at any given moment, this was CHAOS!!

10 Short minutes later a winner was chosen!

Mr. Right managed to get the cloak right before the previous holder exited and fled to safety with it!

All and all it wasn't an overly productive night but it was a fun one.


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