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Episode 0130: Ecrus and Bards, and Bushido Oh My!

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Another fine day dawns on Atlantic and I find myself waking up in that grimy pit known as Luna. Don't get me wrong I don't mind Luna all the finest packies laden with rare and exotic goods leave from there these days, but as a town it leaves much to be desired.

With the ever watching guards, and the power of the Virtues protecting the folks of this ancient city I must make my way else where in this world. Since my skills aren't complete I dare not yet risk detection in the bowels of a dungeon so I hop over to Yew, Fellucca.

Now since I was birthed in this land and took my place as a thief, I've noticed a few things.
1st. I find more people here, which naturally means more loot.
2nd. The Loot I would have thrown away on Chessy is priceless here!
3rd. There's a sucker born every minute and about two-thirds of them play on Atlantic!

This is where Tiny Enters the picture.

You see Tiny was at the gate dressed like a newbie...I've seen a lot of people in and out, and I've never ever underestimated a persons backpack based on how they are dressed. Everyone is worth a snoop, especially a newbie that talks smack like a vet......

After a quick investigation I find Mr. Tiny (I'm not sure if that's actually his name or is Bedroom Moniker) has 3 uninsured Ecru Citrine Rings All possessing 50 Enhance Potions and a few other small mods. But as I said the loot here is worth more than I'm used too I've seen similar sell for millions in the recent weeks....What's a thief to do?

That of course...and it seems he doesn't notice during the oral dissertation he's giving to some of the locals. I'm not going to let the opportunity this distraction provides pass me by either..I head back no even hiding and target the second ring..

Once again my skill proves too much for his currently limited range of awareness, so I quickly try and target the third before he comes to his senses and noticed that I have a big flag saying, "THIEF" over my head.

I take it and he never flinches...I spend some short time encouraging his banter with the locals, and then take my leave.

Luna being the closest bank to a moongate and a great place to find opportunity is always my favorite place to stash my swag. While there I see a familiar name pop up, or was it...

The IMPOSTER!! VILE VILE he's a shame to even attempt to steal the name of the infamous Chad Sexington, he has neither the bearing nor the raw sexual charisma that Chad is known for! His mere attempt is an insult to THIEF he must pay!

Be He Warned! I'm watching you and someday you will find yourself on the end of my dagger!

I head back to the gate, hoping this preposterous impostor would follow, but alas he wouldn't. So I check out what the new people at the gate have to offer and before long I find something to my liking.

One 115 Bushido scroll, while I may have trouble selling it here, it's the matter that what once belonged to them now belongs to me!..

I take a break to enjoy some of the antics of our alliance, Shinobi always has a new idea cooking up and after he shouts I go to investigate. When things cool down and we all give each other High Fives and stoke our egos for how smart we are, I head back to the gate once again to find something new.

Glacial has a mighty instrument on his person, ripe for the taking. But it's heavy and I have to be careful skirting the edge of the guardzone to get into the maze of houses where I can easily hide. I'd only get once chance so I decide to make the most of it...

To my surprise I don't flag so I proceed directly into the guard zone as he stands there dumbfounded in shock! A good day, a good day indeed.

I hope to have many more like it before my time here is through, I've been thinking about going on a North American Tour!... spend a few months on one shard and then proceed to rain havoc and fill my pockets on another. But for now Atlantic is home, so until that time cherish your valuables, because tomorrow there might be a new thief in town.


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