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Episode 0115: The rise of Suri

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Konnichiwa fellow friends and thieves alike!! Allow me to tell you of my story from the begining.

I was born into a clan of ninjas, but had been abandoned from birth (I didn't discover this until my later years). I was then taken in by a local monastery. At the monastery I was raised as a monk, I learned the basics of life such as farming, cooking, reading, writting and the martial arts. When I had reached the age of 12 the monastery priest gave me a book. I asked why he had gave me it. He said that I was born into a clan of ninjas, but had been abandoned after birth, they left me at the steps of the temple with nothing but a blanket to keep me warm, and a book of ninjitsu.

After obtaining the book I decided to spend a few nights reading it here and there to discover what my life was meant to be. I say to myself, "I wasn't meant to be a monk. I must be destined to do live in the shadows." I continue to read. I start to think about how I really didn't enjoy this life here at the temple, and start to have darker thoughts. I go to sleep.


I awake feeling refreshed for the day. The monks and I go about our daily training. I dark thought pops into my head *gets shifty eyes* Reading this book and discovering my origins must be doing something to my train of thought. I now start to become a bit more careless of what others do, think and feel.

*3 years later...*

I now am the age of 15 the monastery had give me tons of knowledge and skills in their ways. I even get a gift from them a delicious drink called Shochu. It is a drink that most drunken boxers consume before a battle, or just to get drunk. I pop the cork off the top and begin to tip the bottle. "Hai-ya!!" *bottle of Shochu falls to the ground and spills*

"So you think you're special because it's your birthday? Wrong!!" Says Rakumen.

I say, "Maybe not, but it was a gift for me."

"Well now it's mine!!" Rakumen swipes the bottle off the ground and runs off. This angered me quite a bit. I learn to use my training to calm me down. My heart rate slows. I then out of my own control fall to my knees and grab my head in pain *dark thoughts begin to consume me once again." I think to myself: Rakumen will pay greatly for this!! The night falls and everyone is asleep I look for Rakumen's room... I find it and then search for my Shochu bottle. I find it, but emtpy. That bastard! There I watch him sleeping probably well intoxicated too. *A dark thought begins* Hmm, I take my bottle and go back to my room. I begin to ponder, I get an idea. I sneak out of my room again, but this time to the garden. I remember reading about how nightshades are poisonous plants and pluck one up from the ground. I then proceed to Rakumen's room and stare him down. The tables have turned now that I can do something while you are unaware. I crush the flower in my hand and it begins to secrete it's juices. I open Rakumen's mouth and put the crumpled plant in his mouth. I go back to my room and sleep. The night is over.

*next morning*

The monastery is shocked to see that one of our own has been killed. They discover that it was me and kindly ask me to leave the monastery by darkfall or they will punish me by death. I say out of anger "That rat bastard started the whole ordeal!" The monks shocked by my outburst begin to move in on me. *a battle has begun* I get kicked in the chest and then stun punched. Frozen in pain they tell me to leave now. As the effects of the punch wear off an instant thought takes over me and I retaliate by tripping on monk and the throwing sand into the eyes of another. I take this oppurtunity to see a nice necklace one the blinded monk was wearing and take it for my own. I hastily run to my room grab a set of clothes, my ninjitsu book, Shocu bottle and attempt to exit the temple ASAP. I hear more monks approaching in a mob-like fashion. I climb out of the window of my room and high-tail it outta there.

ow what am I to do? How am I going to live? How am I to survive? The sun begin's to set and I grow hungry. I need money for food and shelter. I arrive at Zento. I decide the quickest way to survive the night was to sell the necklace I stole. Wow 300gp!! I can live for a month off of this. I buy some sushi and green tea. Sating my hunger, my body craved rest. I decide to go the inn at near Zento's bank. There I rent a room for the night and sleep.

The next day I awake the the screech of a nightingale. It annoys me so that I attempt to use a Death Strike on it. I flick it in the chest and nothing. *grumbles* I go on to find other things to do for the day such as SURVIVING. I start to think that stealing can be a way for me to live. Couple this with my martial training and I may be successful after all. I decide to go to Yew and attempt to "earn" my living.

I arrive in Yew to find a very interesting rune. Is this what the monks have been missing out on? I take the rune for later use of self pleasure, and maybe hers too ^^

I decide to go and spend some of my "hard earned" gold from yesterday to spoil myself. I arrive at the Mystic Garden shopping center.

Free alcohol, don't mind if I do.

Now happily inebriated I go decide to just throw the pitches about and sit where I please.

More freebies? I decide to take all that remains. I decide to have a little fun with this.

I throw the bandages that I have crafted and leave the owner a nice book behind to sure my gesture of thanks as I stumble off of the front porch of the shop. I then return to my inn at Zento for a nights rest.

I rise out of bed enraged by that infernal nightingale. I attempt to flick it with my finger again. I inflict the Death Strike! It then dies as I smile at it's pain and misery. I'm glad I decided to study this book and learn of my true origins and the techniques my ancestors have used to succeed in their lives. I practice a bit of my martial arts in my room and meditate before going about my day. I decide to go to Yew again and earn a small profit to live for another day.

I pop the pack open of this person that does not even now of my presence. All insured... I move on.

Ahh HER, I found her dropping tons of checks at the bank of Luna my first day out on the prowl. I was too slow and got none. It led me to think this person has money to spare and maybe items to steal =) I found a skull that suits my interest, but I decide to be patient for other marks. I remain silent through my pain of the Earthquake and remain undiscovered.

*Enter Ghengis Kahn8 What is this? Someone is cocky about not dying huh? I set up my pretarget and move in. He then leaves my screen. Dammit!! 5 min later he returns, I make a mad dash then and random murder casts EQ and I get finished off by Kahn. I then die (the timing of that event couldn't have been better) I then immediately ressurect and blindy rush the Ghengis Kahn with low health. I swipe the scroll and transform. I escape with no one chasing?

Success!! I wait to bank my treasure here at the Abbey.
*later* I arrive at Luna's bank to sell my scroll to earn money so that I can both improve myself, and help out my lands economy.

Hey it's Chad... Sexton?! An imposter no doubt about it. One day I will find him again. I pray to the gods of stealing that he one day casts a redgate for me to stalk him.


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