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Episode 0082: Petarded #001

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So there I sit bored at work...it's 4:30 in the morning...bleary eyed and yawning I decide to see if anyone is around on good ol' Siege.

Little did I know I was in for a surprise!

After wandering around for sometime I decide, out of boredom and due to the fact that I had yet to see a single soul, I gate myself to Ice. There it was my plan to use my magical buttocks powers..ermm.. magery skill I mean to conjure up immense clouds of mystical purple far..er, energies to slay the brutish albino fat people that reside within...

HOWEVER to my utmost astonishment I stepped through my portal only to find ANOTHER portal standing open outside the dungeon!!

Is it coming or going? I decided to stick around...

Poking around I don't see anyone...but then I remember, there is a champ spawn just outside the T2A Entrance inside Ice!

Making my way there....

JACKPOT! A whole slew of GIL members with pocket to sift through!

Sniffing around trying to go undetected I pop a few packs without finding much...

Patiently I wait in the shadows...

The Foul Ratman is Dead!! and now is the time I find me some booty! Opening packs and trying to avoid detection I find little as of yet....

In this tight space I fear being discovered before the job can be done... so I wait for an opening...

Lo and behold - stragglers! "a panther" of GIL looks ripe for the picking!

Take aim... FIRE!
he seems not to notice.... back I go!


still didnt notice...afk? hmm

Back for more...and ahhh hes moved..as he picks up gold and doesnt notice his pack becoming lighter! One last time and... *YOINK!*

He notices and gives chase but simply cannot catch up to my swift wolf form unmounted!

Of course on my way out I mistakenly trigger a poison trap and aggro about 5 dozen ratmen.... /facepalm.

All in a days work.

-Peter Griffin

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