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Episode 0021: Getting back into the game...

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My day began in the great city of Luna, and I came across a Llama named Dusty Britches.

Dusty Britches was captured by my beauty and tried to get me to ride him by using his most well thought-out, intelligent pick up line that I'm sure he's used on many a women...(and some men). I couldn't be sure, but I had a feeling Chad was hiding in the dark corners drooling over me and thinking of forced mating.

I had enough of being oogled and head on out for my first big adventure in Men in Pink. (Remind me to lobby to get the name changed to People in Pink, me being a feminist and all!)

I headed off to Despise to see what all the fuss was about and came across...

Ronin! The he-man that he is was slaying the evil ettins for their GLORIOUS loot! Wait a minute... nonetheless it was my duty, my oligation, my calling...to search his pack. And so I did and found...

A dagger! RATS! (How ironic that I was about to come across quite a few in my journey). It was insured! How rude of him! He also had two big balls in his pack, but judging by his looks, they should have been blue in color. ^^

I trudged on and came across a scroll...

Slime! I mean Rats! I mean...the scroll wasn't that good at all. My trip to Despise turned out to be for nothing but I came across a...

A SLIME...gold? Weird. Must be a new item in the game. I cleaned off my gold from all the slime on it and made my way out. I head out to Yew Fel and check out who's hanging around there and find...

Yep, you guessed it. People whining about people using scripts, FOO in particular. I'll have to pass this on to my boss Chad Sexington for further investigation. I quickly went to work and started snooping packs...

A Cold Blood! But insured once again. All I know for sure is that Artemia won't be murdering me in cold blood anytime soon. I moved on to the next sucker...I mean upstanding UO player and snooped her...

A fine Bokuto! But once again it was insured. UO must have a great insurance company with great plans...but don't people have to lose stuff to get insurance? I'd help them lose the stuff for them to get money...I wouldn't mind that at all! ^^

I took a quick coffee break from thieving...don't anyone tell Chad!

But like workers, they whine about everything and anything. In these circumstances, it's the same thing over and over...like a merry-go-round. I keep listening while waiting for new targets to come on in and join the fun until...

Ionna gets a great idea! Oh please, go to Mel Fel, MEL FEL I'm trying to tell but she's so talkative I can't talk over her. (For some reason I'm showing off my fancy pink robe. But alas...

A new adventurer came to have some fun and the idea of a Mel Fel fell on deaf ears and was quickly forgotten. I sneak on over and search Roadkill for some goodies...but all he had was a blessed token. Another wisks into the screen and I go to search him.

A nice Ornate Axe but my luck was running dry. Everything insured...I might have to get into this insurance business, they must make a shit load of gold. Roadkill and Darrien end up arguing about who's the best PvPer and they race off to duel a 1v1 battle. A common site that is in Yew Fel.

I head back to Luna and find an old friend of Chad's!

After no discussion whatsoever since she's probably macroing something, I press on and head to the fortresses of FOO!

It seemed like a Speedhacking training camp was in session so I decided to wade in and see if any of these folks had any goodies for me to claim for myself.

Well, I guess they wouldn't be PvPers without fighting amongst themselves. Oh well. I should put in a recommendation to make their house public so we can all partake in their training programs.
I head back to the gate and find some newcomers...

Nox looked like he just rezzed and who knows? Maybe he didn't rearm his requipment quite yet and might have something to share with me, he seems quite the generous person, however he ended up being greedy and didn't want to share anything with me.

Oh look, there's Dusty Britches again! Out of llama form probably trying to find me and try and pick me up. Some people just don't take a hint I tell ya...

I head back into town.

Some of Napa's ELITE! Standing around the bank doing nothing and nothing...and nothing. What do they do in all that time? Something I don't want to know I'm sure.

Back to Yew Fel again.

I come across Shin-gami and...

A lovely ring I'd love to call my own but luck isn't my date today, is she? Remind me to shed tears later, for now, there's thieving to do!

It appears Ionna's idea for Mel came to fruition after a large gathering was entering a gate...

ABD Melisande event! CHA-CHING! The winds have changed and perhaps maybe I'd make a great steal fairly soon.

God I wish this house was in Fel.

Legolas was talking about giving something to each one for the party. I imagine it was an honorary badge for partaking in such an event. They never even offered me one. Mind you, it'd help if I was visible...

Looked like they were going to hang around with Mel many a times because they had a load of keys to get into her domain...while Reebok was admiring and wanting to play with the dogs.

I guess there's a doglover in every group isn't there?

Did I mention how I wish this house was in Fel? I did? Ok. good.

We head on outside and I take my honorary Bone Machete to partake on this big event. I cant wait to get loot out of the packs of all these participants...err did I say that? I mean off Melisande's body, yeah that's it! ^^

Oh! Oh! I'm not in a party! Can I join a party?? Pwetty Pwease? With cherries on top?? We finally head out to Mel Fel...Mel Fel....

Mel Tram. Shit. Well, so much for that idea. I open my spellbook and recall away as tears are obviously being shed from my eyes at all the loot I could have gotten.

Before I go, I see some guy being very naughty and doing something his wife doesn't know...curious. Be a good boy or you'll be sleeping out in the doghouse...

I head back to Yew Fel and come across Mr. Riotmaker and his cleaver. I said hello, asked the cleaver if it would like to come to visit me in my backpack but he was insured too so he couldn't come and visit. Shame that. (There's Dusty Britches looking for me again. Doesn't he ever give up? Sheesh.)

I go for my doctor's appointment with Doctor Pain and he prescribed some great medicine but he didn't want to give it to me so I had to improvise and...

Take it myself! That'll teach you health professionals for screwing around with honest, hardworking, noble citizens of Brittania! ^^

Ah! 5 Roses of Trinsic! You shouldn't have! Oh wait, this is my medication? Right on! I take them and hop, skip, and jump to the moongate. (After I go blue again of course.)

Here I am, back in Luna, where Thief Company Policy says we have to be healthy to be able to do our jobs properly. These Roses of Trinsic should be able to keep me nice and healthy for a good day at work tomorrow! ^^

Thus ends my first adventure, Dusty Britches took the hint and left, but I still have a feeling in my gut that Chad is around checking me out. Or maybe doing another misadventure. Who knows? Noone does until he steals something from their packs.

Ahhh, the life of a thief.

Gotta love it.

-Dirty Bag

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