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Episode 0018: Adder Loses His Pink

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Episode 3: Adder Loses His Pink

I start my day in the star room. I arrived just in time to see some nice scrolls leave.

Just my luck. Oh well, time to try other locations. I find myself at Minoc gate, and what do I see? A sexy young thing straddling a flaming beetle (reading too many Chad episodes lately?). Messing with miners (minors?) can be dangerous. I’ve known men who were sent to jail and beaten to a bloody pulp for such acts of indecency. I think I’ll just slip a hand in her pack and feel around. I find a few shovels and what feels to be a cream of some sort. Best not to try my hand at taste identification.

I wipe the cream off and snag a few shovels.

Along comes her friend (her “lover” if my fantasy is correct) and I move in closer. Miss Hermione tells a tale of a little wolf man in a bright pink robe appearing and running away a couple times. I listen intently as I check her friend’s pack.

Nothing interesting in the main pouch (couple feminine products), but they leave before I can open the pack within. So, I follow.

Ahh, here’s something I fancy. I may just make it mine.

What’s this? They’re talking about me? Ooh, I feel special.

I reach in, grab the pick and run like Hell before they kill me! I recall to Luna and bank my goods. Who do I find trying to get some mining protection?

Back to Minoc to lay in wait.

What’s this? A free bag of sending? Don’t mind if I do!

I return to the mountain and wait for more goodies to be brought to me, but it’s for naught. So, I decide to check out the star room again. Not eventful for myself, but a fellow pinkie made a nice grab.

I make my way back to Luna bank. I figure I’ll wait for adventure to find me. A red gate or something...

Ahh a ship key. “That ship is not in a valid recall location”?? Time to go on a quest.

A long tour of the lost lands leaves me tired and upset until...

Wow, I can’t believe I found it.

Not a bad boat at all. Especially free!
I dock my big dragon ship and head out of the lost lands.

I figure I’ll check Yew gate one last time before I head to bed. What’s this? A drunken ninja asleep on his horse?

I snatch his only smoke bomb and make haste.

Looks like I timed it just right. Yeah, I planned it.

Content with my day’s work I decide to retire for the night, when I bump into Chad. He instructs me to follow him to his house. Had he learned of the special ingredient in the pinkie lemonade? This could be it for me. Luckily this is where he informs me that I have passed the tests required for membership into THIEF. Whew!

“Now ditch that robe”, he tells me. I make like I’m going to burn it and never get caught in a color like that again! But I can’t lie. I did look good in pink!

So, I keep it secret… keep it safe. But whatever happens, when next you see me, I will look much less flaming!

-Crimson Adder

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