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Episode 0361: Gate hopping might lead to loot

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Looter is a profession very dear to me. Sadly with the dwindling population and the removal of looting bones in trammel it's not something I get to do much anymore. But today was one of the days.

I find Arugal from GIL down at the NEW2 house in Magincia. Before I can go in for a peek he gets a gate up and disappears. Throwing caution to the wind I wait a few seconds and then follow. I end up outside the entrance of the abyss (I think.) I boldly go inside and find Arugal there, joined by Nergal also from GIL. Brothers perhaps.

Seems to be lots of monsters down here, this could get interesting. They both run around like crazy, slaying beasts left and right. I try to be as careful and silent as I can. If I'm noticed this adventure could turn ugly really fast. My plan is to corner one of them and block them from escaping, letting some fierce beast do the killing. I'm not much of a fighter you see. But while waiting for an opportunity why not get some packs open? Because it's really hard when they run...

Finally Arugal stops for a few seconds to loot and I get to see what he carries. Silver snake skins, guess I can sell those if I steal them. But I don't really want to blow my cover for a small stack. Never the less I put them on last target, just in case.

Ooh, look at all those snakes! Now it's more like it.

Uh-oh looks like someone bit of more than they can chew.

Hooray one down!
And Arugal seems occupied over there. So I can safely go in for a look.

A nice bracelet. Too bad I can't use it. But this is not the time to be picky. I can't stand here visible long enough to sort out the treasures. It's all going in my pack.

Aargh, stupid snake get away from me!

I get back to my loot and get most of it before Nergal gets back.

I wonder what Arugal is up to. I find him a bit further up ahead and he seems alive and kicking. And why shouldn't he be, with a fancy halberd like that. He still only have those four skins though. After getting his friends whole body it seems like a waste. I wait some more.

Poor Arugal, he's in trouble now. All those snakes are alive!

And sure enough. Even a Blaze of death can't protect you from a group like that.

Poor horsie!

More loot! And it's purple, lovely.

I don't have the time to get it all before he gets back though. Good thing the snakes are here to help me. ^^

I get the rest of the loot and prepare to leave. On the way out I meet them again. Doesn't look like they have reequipped, so I guess they didn't notice me. I'm sure there wont be any more loot, but it still looks fun doesn't it?

Competition in the looting game. ^^

I barely have the time to unload my newfound treasures before I spot a new gate. I quickly jump it and find myself far out to the sea. Trying to get my feet adjusted to the moving floor I approach Lord Synbad from NEW2. "Graduated" I feel the need to add before the haters attack me. In his backpack I find a key, the very thing that would make me the captain of this vessel.

Clearly impressed by my swift hands Synbad decides that I'm the rightful owner of the ship and quickly departs. I'm now free to steer this thing to shore.

I decide to try out the new way of maneuvering and it's awesome! No more giving orders to the tillerman. When I'm almost at the shore something unexpected happens. A gate appears on deck!

Lord Synbad is back and he brought a gigantic dog. None of them seems happy to see me. Good thing I can hide.

I hate this new way of maneuvering!
I thought I would take a step, instead I move the boat and I'm visible again. My behind is bleeding profusely because a dog is hanging from it. This will not end well I tell you.

Now Synbad is in control again and he moves the ship towards the shore, where he jumps off. But look at this, he's still grey. If I run as fast as my dead feet can carry me, get a resurrection, and return to him maybe I can make him pay. So that's exactly what I'm going to do!

But as it turns out, I don't have to do anything. When I return Synbad pops out from hiding and sics his dog on me again. And a friendly citizen calls the guard for me on the evil Synbad. Willard and Alenne appears in a flash and Synbad gets the old "dual halberd to the face" treatment. It's wonderful to see it happen to others than me.

And now I get my stuff back. Plus I get Synbads things. Plus I get another ship. Awesome!


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