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Episode 0360: I'm on a boat MF!

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Another day, another steal in Luna. I'm not even going to fight it anymore. Seems people once again is gravitating towards the ghetto. Like tides of the ocean the crowds move back and forth. But I'm getting ahead of myself, we'll get to the ocean later.

I notice King Edward running around Luna again. Shopping for iron ingots this time. Carefully checking his backpack I only find a crapload of crafting tools and the likes. Nothing interesting, so I let him go. But I'm watching you Edward, I'm watching you.

On my way back through the bank I do my usual track. And lo and behold I find a hidden Woodstock. What kind of treasures are you hiding my friend? A quick detect and we'll soon find out. Success!
I really love Detect Hidden. Think I would pick it over stealth if I had to choose. Lots and lots of people think they are safe daydreaming at the bank as long as they hide first. Maybe it stops some inexperienced thieves, but not Ladra. Oh no.

Let's see what we have here...

Ack! One of the messiest backpacks in a long time. Loads of random armor in different containers. Just randomly thrown in it seems. Maybe someone was just out hunting? I do not have time to go through all the mods and see if there's anything good. Who knows how long it takes Woodstock to wake up and notice he's not hidden anymore? And I'm not about to steal something random just for the heck of it. No, not my style. So, frantically I search for anything that sticks out.

Nothing obvious at the first pass through all the containers. But then my fingers touch something, what's this? A key?!
If he's standing with all this treasure at the bank there must be some awesome stuff under lock and key. I wonder where it leads... If I know my locks, and I think I do, this is a key to a ship!

Now, ships and me really don't go hand in hand any more. For some magical reason I'm not allowed on these new, big, ships. That is something I'll have to spend some time trying to sort out. I mean breaking and entering is somewhat of a passion of mine. But maybe I'm lucky and this key goes to one of the small ones? Also, last I tried you were not able to open a magic gate on the keys. But it's not like I have not been able to find the ship before, just by some skillful searching. And it's also not like I have not had my prayers heard from the higher powers in the world. A plea to get "my" lost ship back has been answered before. ^^

All things considered it's definitely worth a shot. And I grab the key without Woodstock suspecting a thing. Maybe we can start with trying the obvious and get a gate open from the key? I mean, things sometimes change. Just need to find a less crowded place to try from. Wouldn't want anyone following poor me, right?

I run to the gate and repeatedly bump my head against it. Would sure be nice if there was some way to tell when the magic hindering me finally releases it's hold...

Finally I'm on my way. Let's travel from Minoc. That practically my own backyard. Just need to find a special, lucky, place to improve my odds. This mushroom circle looks perfect. Everyone heard of magic mushrooms, right? ^^

And what do you know? It worked!
A welcome change I would say. Finally something changed in my favor. Wonder if I can get through...


Aah, the fresh breeze of the sea. Been a long time, so I just hang around in my flippy floppies for a while. But it can't all be fun and games, let's get to work. Better make sure the boat is locked. Wouldn't want any scoundrels boarding my ship. Some people just have no grasp of yours and mine...
Seems Woodstock understood the basic concepts of boat security. (Apart from standing there with an unchained key in pocket.)

Look at this! My ship comes fully loaded with cargo. What a nice deal. I'll be a return customer to Woodstock whenever I need a new boat.
I even need to make two trips back to Barter Town, just to unload it all.

Lucky for me no one tried to steal my ship while I was busy. And I can return to drydock it. Now I just need to sort through the cargo. Who knows what extra treasures there might be!


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