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Episode 0228: The Wedding Crashers

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Wedding is Today, April 11 at 2pm cst!

The wedding chapel is located in Iantown between Kelmo's tavern and Iantown Abbey. A Malas map showing Iantown's location is in my sig. Or you can take the house to house portal from Kelmo's east Umbra house (where the old parrot house ised to be) to the tavern.

Vows will be exchanged in the rooftop chapel under the open sky. Following will be a reception on the third floor. Anyone wishing to share words for the couple can do so then. Sign the guestbook there. After that, if we're still alive, there is a bar on the second floor. Please park your transportation on the first floor when you arrive.

And please....this is Siege, don't carry anything you can't lose. See ya there!

*Bolds added for emphasis*

A brief forward. This is the wedding between Kelmo and Luka, as that is not covered in the announcement. Since so many pictures were taken I was forced to narrow it down a bit so not every theft has the customary before and after pictures.

The joining in union of Kelmo and Luka is sure to bring out the best of Siege. Under one roof mingled the thieves and brigands, murderers and hooligans, and all other manner of player. Some knew me, some didn’t. Some were cautious, others not so much. This event would require a large amount of unstealthed stealing which is a talent rarely practiced.

My initial intent was to look for “wedding tackle” or any other items that may have a sentimental value to people involved. My big prize was the ring that was announced in general chat to be “too old to be blessed.” I suspected either Kelmo or Luka would carry this so they were my first targets. Kelmo’s bag was overstuffed with items which made me even more suspicious as to what he may have been carrying. While avoiding blowing my cover, I snagged his icy patch since they are one of my favorite decorations. Walking away nonchalantly I sat next to Patty Pickaxe and struck up a conversation before stealing this book with a promising name:

After a bit more mingling I spied an item of exceptional value to me: a rare pink seed. Since I was able to snag that without graying I snooped Kelmo one last time and got a rug before graying, removing myself from the house, and stashing my valuables:

When I returned the area was in complete chaos. The owners of the house decided to let the PKs have some fun hacking the guests to ribbons. I quickly set to work on the bodies of the fallen. Right under Forsaken’s nose I found a weird wreath basket with very valuable rare dyes inside!

By this point many people were friended and spamming reveal. I thought it best I make a quick run to stash those dyes before I make the same mistake their original owner did.

Upon my return I checked out the bar area and the more surprising thing than seeing the 6 dead bodies was the wounded John Connely sitting at the counter, nursing his drink:

I stole his gate scrolls to save me the time of restocking my own. At the top of the house it seemed the ceremony room was safe from the PKs. People were rezzing, healing, and sharing battle stories while I nestled up to Luka and nabbed both of her Ariel Haven Writs of Membership:

With the bride and the groom standing under the altar it’s hard to pass an opportunity. Since Kelmo would be stationary for a while I spent some time going through his bag and I find yet another book full of memories:

I had to laugh when I snooped Kat’s bag. Instead of a book full of memories I found a memorable book! Judging by her pack she was probably the drunkest person at the wedding, I made a note of this and went off searching for more plunder:

The ceremony was still under way so I liberated some more “stealables” from the bride and groom. Kelmo was carrying a painting that never wants to spawn for me and Luka the book of truth:

At this point I needed to carry yet another armload of valuables to a secure location and since the wedding was over I wanted to stash what I had before the PKs were let back in.

I rushed back as quick as I could hoping to get in on some more of the action and spied a seed of renewal as well as a much needed cypress tree seed. Not only easy picking but I deal in that market already:

As you can see I had a little bit of competition getting that last seed. Meeting up with my cohort I spied a new arrival to the party: Diablo! I can’t have a thief story without stealing something from him ^_^. Littlebo Peep sauntered in, sat down, and struck up a conversation while I got to work:

It was about this time I decided to call it a night. The quality of loot had drastically dropped since my arrival and I had astonishingly not died yet! I gathered my belongings and went home to create the final tally of what was stolen:

White natural dye
Rare pink natural dye
Seed of renewal
Rare pink seed
2 wedding books
An icy patch
Painting (rarity 9)
A book of truth
2 Ariel Haven Writs of Membership
10 DP shuriken
Blue decorative rug
5 gate scrolls
And a player made wreath that will eventually be melted down to poison for my plants


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