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Episode 0350: Can a steal bring a new recruit?

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Lately I have noticed people starting to switch banks. When I first got here Zento was really popular. But it has dried out somewhat. Maybe they caught up to me often hanging around when semi afk? But they still need to bank right? And people are still lazy, must be close to a gate. So Ter Mur it is!

Another good thing with Ter Mur is the soul forge. And as it happens, this is where I find Nevela.

She's one of those people with a real itch in their feet. So to get rid of that she's running around as a... eh... something that runs around a lot. And this makes it a bit hard actually. I almost trip over her several times before I get the pack open. And it's a messy one...

To make matters worse, there's nothing even remotely worth stealing in the main pack. There of course is the colored backpack in there. At this place it's pretty sure to contain a power scroll. At least that's what I'm talking myself in to believing as our little dance starts again. She actually trip over me this time and I'm pretty sure she'll run away.

But she doesn't!
And I finally get the pack open!
And it's a power scroll!
Legendary imbuing, sold one for 200k before. It will be worth it!


I probably would have let this go most days. But not today!
After all the trouble I had with getting her packs open I feel entitled to something. And besides, you should hear them heckle me in guild chat lately.

"Ladra doesn't steal anything"
"Maybe she can't do it"
"We are so much better, stealing everyday"

*mutters something about stealing crap*

Can't say I feel satisfied though. What can I get for this scroll? Nothing! I don't even bank it. Maybe she likes my boom box? Those are always sure to lift the spirit. "Fun for the whole family" I should print on them.

Look at her go!


Hooray? No?
This is the worst day ever!

Yeah, rub it in you "boom box survival suit" wearing you! From now on I'll steal pots from you. You heckling, evil, wench!

Oh? Maybe I do like you after all. "You know I mean wench in the most flattering way possible, don't you?" I say with a broad smile on my face.
Maybe we can be friends? Nevela can bring me gold and I can return her items? We can make it a permanent thing. Let's start with sorting out this imbuing scroll business.

Apparently Nevelas flattery wasn't a simple scam to get a scroll back. And she seems interested in checking out the shadows someday. You are most welcome if you do that Nevela. I will teach you all I can!

No hard feelings and I showed her something new. The day turned out to be a good one after all!


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