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Episode 0028: The Beginning of the End

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Hola Amigos! A new era has fallen upon Great Lakes, one that is to be cataloged by me Jose Muerto of THIEF.

My journeys begin in the peaceful facet of Malas. A world of prancing fairies and gum drops. Where all your fears disappear. Where you and your possessions are safe from scoundrel thieves.

But are they really safe? Not if one does not take the necessary precautions.

Like locking your items down. ^^

Whats this? A picnic basket? For me? Oh why thank you!

After accepting my donation, I could hardly fit it in my pack! Inside i find various power scrolls and cheap doom stealables. Eleven 110 scrolls and Seven 105 scrolls.

What a kind donation! Muchas Gracias!

I return to Luna to bank my score.

Filled with pride I inspect my loot. That was too easy though!

I decide to visit Felucca Destard, in hopes of more exiting adventures.

*Recalls to Destard Felucca*


*stealthing about dungeon*



Exiting the dungeon I decide to look for marks in their house.

While looking about I find something that intrigues me.

That sure is alot of stones. I check the container and find it secure. Something tells me that is lumber. But how in the world could someone amass such a quantity of Lumber?

I decide to mark a rune near by so that i may investigate this at a later time.

*Recalls to Brit Bank*

When i appear at the bank it is busy as usual. The normal hustle and bustle of faceless nobody's.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot Shadow Dancer.

Shadow Dancer: Buying 110 Tactics Scroll!

I could not tell of what sex this person was, I will to shadow dancer as "it".

Stepping toward him i am overwhelmed with the scent of feces.

*My god what has this thing been doing?!* I ponder to my self

"I have one." I say to it, wishing i hadn't even approached this foul creature in the first place!

"how much" it responds.

"15k" I say hoping it will just give me the money and leave me be. I begin to feel nauseated. I begin to vomit in my mouth. This man surely needs a Bath!

"hmmm how about 10?" he says.

At this point I Will do just about anything to get out of this things presence
"Very Well"

I instruct him that i only gave him such a deal in hopes that he would take the discounted 5k to the Buccaneer's Bath in Buc's den.

I then gladly remove my self from his presence. Perhaps i will go and check my rune i just made.

I am deeply disturbed by what i find. A SLAVE! That is how this man collects so much wood. He has a personal slave that Lumberjacks non stop, without food or drink.

This slave was an elven man, wearing nothing but a tattered death shroud and wielding a corroded hatchet with -50 dmg increase.

Would you give a regular hatchet to your slave? I think not! He might harm you with it!

I snoop him and find nothing. I decide to attempt to put this slave out of his misery. Perhaps it is what he wants... To be freed from his endless chores.

I give him two quick jabs with my dagger and he flees inside. Next time I will return with Deadly Poison.

If this man is to continue to work he must freely give up 1000gp the next time we meet.

I return back to place my book...

-Jose Muerto

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