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Episode 0008: Helping people

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Well like most days I start off in the city of the dead...

Were people stand like zombies, slightly drooling, slowly and agonizingly dying of bordem.
I would love to help these people but I cant, the gods of luna feed off this drooling mass, I must go elsewere to serve the people...

I search thru the darkest dungeons, surely someone here must need my help!

But it is all empty, like the souls of the poor luna people.

Whats this? A person in need?

I'm too late, the poor broken man ripped apart in a last attempt to amuse himself.

I must continue on! This can not happen to anyone else!! Not on my watch!!!

I continue on with renewed vigor.

What's this? Bright decorations out! All for me!? These poor souls have been fighting newbe monsters, all to get the attention of other players.

But noone wants to play with them.

I'll help, Pirella to the rescue!!!

They are overjoyed to have me there and even manage to watch my spirit dance a couple times! Oh what fun we had!!!

Whats this?


For me?!?! He "gives" me the cookies and in his joy sends my spirit out of me.

But whats this? The Fel gods are smiling on me today. I must be doing good work!!

Again I'm blessed, much to the delight of XP and BC, who contiue to welcome me back with there lovely fields of color!

Truely a blessed day, the fel gods have been appeased by my servitude, and the people in despise are so much happier I came out to play.

My next duty- helping the poor bored miners get a adreniline fix.......

Moral of the story:
Remember to always help your fellow players.


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