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Episode 0006: for zephyr, my first episode

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Ah, but to dream!
News of the glory of Chad Sexington has long been amidst us all. To duplicate this man's accomplishments would surely be impossible. To undress and sleep with all the women he has undressed and slept with simply could not be done. But to emulate! To characterize one's goals by the successes of another, truly this is to dream, and to aim high in life is to do well. A thief, I will become a thief!

Glory my ass! Surely sosaria has something better to offer? Surely Chad has not amassed ALL the glory?

I'm been foolish. I must travel further to find glory. Perhaps someone will guide me to it's path.

What's this? A chest full of glory?

Yes!!! He wins uo, of course he knows where I may find the glory I seek!! I will mark a rune here, and if there are others that seek glory, may they request a copy of this rune. This person must have enough glory for all!

But, lo, he isn't home. I will return with other glory-seekers some other time. I move on. I must keep searching. There must be some reason, some horrible reason, why I'm still awake (other than the fact that I have nightmares of bears when I sleep; I fear sleep...)...what's this?

Yes, at first it looked like a source of glory. But it smelled like piss and shit.

*vomits on self*

I become disheartened. Goat-shit? Are you kdding me? Chad never had to deal with goat shit! This is bullshit!

I focus. Answers...I need answers.


*realizes I have no med*

*focused too hard. shits self. wipes.*

I went to where I might have expected warfare. Then I roamed in the wilderness. I found glory, but the glory-holder was nowhere to be found. Perhaps I came too late?


NO! Glory has no END! Glory belongs to no ONE man! Glory is for all to molest!

*kal ort por*



*kal ort por*

Now, let's see..... What's this???? Uninsured glory??

I must, I must, I must increase my bust. Er.


AAAHHH! Who wins uo?? Darkholy knows NOTHING of glory! More likely than not, he only had ORE in that box, not glory at all!! hahahahahahaha Thieves win uo, yes, THIEVES!!

I calm from my success. Chad would be proud I think. But Chad still has something essential that I lack. I need a nemesis. A true enemy.

Eek!! Chad warned me of the danger of thee!!

He told me also to come prepared, and I listened well:

There is now but one thing to do to seal my place as a true thief. I risk my life thusly:

Thus is the code of a true thief. A battle hard fought, and hard won. I learned how to respect my enemy, dead or alive. Yes, but I did not learn this from Chad Sexington. I learned true respect for another from the guilds off WTF and FOO. They taught me respect, yes, yes they did. See what they taught me:

Ah. Well. A long night it has become! And now, with the haunter of my nights dead, and a valuable jewel in my possesion, I may sleep easy tonight. Be gentle with your judgement of my adventuring, 'tis a dangerous live we thieves live, with little reward.

Until next time.

*goat form*

*eats own clothes*


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