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Shades of Truth - Chapter II

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Chapter II

September 16, 2009

  • Straight to the Stark chapter, and not two Melfina chapters to start off the Volume. There aren't just story ideas that I want to try out in each volume. There are also structural ideas that I want to try out with each Volume as well. The most obvious change for Volume 2 was the more chapters in that Volume. You'll see what the major change to this volume is starting with next chapter.

  • Usually I try to stick to game mechanics as much as possible. Stark's sacred journey is not one of those times. I absolutely did not want Stark to be able to recall everywhere in the story, like paladins can do in the game. So I took the concept of a sacred journey and changed it into a completely different idea.

  • In general, this chapter came out easily enough. The basic structure was there when I first sat down to write it, and I had plenty of time to let it simmer in my mind, and come back to it when I let enough time pass by. With that said, the last revision before putting this up, had a lot of major cleaning up to do that I didn't notice with the couple revisions prior to it. Taking time away from writing is defintiely an important thing to have.

  • I cheated with the document. I can't find my calligraphy pen, so I just copy and pasted from Chapter 102.

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