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Episode 0004: Mis-Adventures of King Scoundrel: Moral Dilemma

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Chad Sexington...

Do you know what its like to live in the shadow of this man?


Recently he has been getting more successful, granted I beat him to the bears but itís not enough!

So I try to start a different way, ill goto a public moongate and just start to wander...

Trinsic it is!

Ok this is lame.

I've been walking around this stupid forest forever and not even one victim.

The trees are mocking me...

*pumps fist at trees*

hmm.. A beach! People love the beach!

NOBODYS HERE! And none of these houses are open... blast.

Chad's voice is beginning to echo in my head... that 120 from theoneeyejack was an amazing steal... how can I beat it?

I stumble on a headless one's "cottage", what? Are the skulls supposed to scare me!

Ha-Ha! I'm King Scoundrel! Itís going to take more than that you... headless... loser...

*immediately regrets last insult*

Hmm... this headless one is up to no good. He thinks he can outsmart me too huh??

*pumps fist at headless one*

I will not accept failure...

J.S.P, he must be in league with the headless one. He probably couldnít break the code on the parchment and came to the smiths instead.

Oh my god... J.S.P... It all makes sense now... the crappy hay shack in the middle of the forest, a headless one, wrong directions in bucs... and now J.S.P

Junk Smuggling Program...

Those bastards... I canít let them get away with this!

But... I'm supposed to be out-stealing Chad...

Nay, that will be for another day. It is my duty as a citizen of the realm to stop this injustice!

I ready my DP shuriken of Justice and wait in the shadows for him to return...

*bangs head on wall*

To close to strike fear into the heart of junk smugglers? Blast...

Wait! I get it...

Even those dastardly smiths are in on it as well... J.S.P doesnít return.

*pumps fist*

Can I possibly let this happen? Two failures in one day?

::Dainty Bardington::

Hmm... well the thirst for blood is on my wolfs tongue... but where could I go?

::Dainty Bardington::

I could try a champ spawn...

::Dainty Bardington::

I could conform to Chad's ways and camp Luna for a sign...

::Dainty Bardington::

Hmm, I got an idea...

*Malicious Grin*

Well, I would easily describe myself as the pinnacle of manliness... so this devilish music should affect me to much.

I ready my DP shuriken of Justice... and STRIKE!

*throws explosion potions for flashy effect*

Dainty Bardington: 0
King Scoundrel: 1

-King Scoundrel

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