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Welcome to West Luna - Glossary

Table of Contents


  • Book of Bushido
    A book containing the life philosophy of the samurai. Little else is known since the borders of Tokuno have only been recently opened to what they call outsiders.
    - see also Tokuno
  • Book of Chivalry
    Part book of faith, part military manual, the Book of Chivalry is comprehensive and indespensible compendium to the paladin. The Book of Chivalry is broken down into smaller books known as the Book of Purpose, Book of History, Book of Psalms, Book of Invocations, Book of Theory, Book of Procedure, Book of Training, and Book of Battle.
    - see also paladin
  • Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
    Created by Lord British, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was designed to embody the ideas of the Three Principles, and their relationship to the Eight Virtues. Widely spread throughout the world in the book Virtue, written by Lord British, it is as familiar as the Eight Virtues to all people, even if not everyone could tell you exactly what it means.
    - see also Virtue
  • Defenders of Virtue
    A common term used to describe individual paladins or the various orders of paladins.
    - see also Order of Light
  • The Dragon War
    More commonly called The Dragon War, but also known as The Retribution in certain areas, the Dragon War occured two years ago between the forces of Luna and Tal'Keesh. The war began and ended within the short timeframe of one month. It is the shortest war in recorded history, yet a conflict with a god and such a powerful city can be called nothing less. It began with the king of Luna denouncing the God of Wealth and prolcaiming the city of Luna as the only path to true wealth. Tal'Keesh was angered and her army of dragons, humans, and other worshippers laid seige to the city. After the second week, promises of power convinced several citizens to switch sides, and they aided in getting a small detachment of Tal'Kessh's forces into the city, which led to the fall of the main gates. The Order of Light led the final battle which led to the death of Tal'Keesh, and the dispersal of her army. The anger and confusion during the aftermath led to a successful campaign lead by Aediwulf to end Luna monarchy, and his eventual appointement as Archduke of Luna.
  • Eight Virtues
    The guiding ideals that most people strive for. They are Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Honor, Self-Sacrifice, Humility, and Spirituality.
    - see also Three Principles
  • Fires of Truth
    One of the interrogation techniques carried out by the Order of Light.
  • Gathering of Light
    Held every five years, the Gathering of Light is a gathering of all of the paladins that make up the Order of Light. During this gathering, there are ceremonies to reaffirm vows, time set aside to discuss issues, and the distribution of updated copies of the Book of Chivalry, and the selection of new Keepers of Chivalry.
  • Gifts of Light
    The term used to describe the abilities granted to a paladin by Lady Mana. Often used interchangably with Invocations.
  • Invocation
    The term used to describe the abilities granted to a paladin by Lady Mana. Often used interchangably with Gifts of Light.
  • Keeper of Chivalry
    A high ranking paladin in the Order of Light that is responsible for the training aspiring paladins in the ways of Chivalry. Often abbreviated simply as Keeper. The highest ranking Keeper of Chivalry is called the Keeper of All.
  • Lady Mana
    Lady Mana is the God of Mana. She is the source of all mana and is the only god worshipped by the Order of Light. She is thought of as one aspect of a whole. The other aspect a nameless male half that is simply thought of as God.
  • Luna
    Luna is the most prosperous city in the world, and home of the paladin order known as the Order of Light. The direct influence of Luna used to be wide spread until the aftermath of the Dragon War led to a man named Aedilwulf taking control of the city and pulling back most of its forces, to rebuild its weakened defenses. The precense of the Order of Light off-sets most of the negative feelings that are associated with it.
  • mana focus
    An item that allows mages to channel mana for the use of casting spells. Almost always a spellbook.
  • merchant
    Someone who sells goods for a living, but doesn't have the luxury of having a store to sell them from. Often selling goods in locations where many people congregate, most commonly at a city's bank.
    - see also Merchant Vendor; vendor
  • merchant vendor
    1) A person who sells goods for a living and owns a shop to do so.
    2) The formal title of a person who owns a shop.
    - see also merchant; vendor
  • Order of Light
    The name of the group of paladins whose base of operations is located in Luna.
    - see also Defenders of Virtue
  • paladin
    A warrior and worshipper of the god referred to as Lady Mana. Recogniable by the ankh that they wear and the abilities granted to them by their god. They are sworn to defend the innocent and vanquish evil.
    - see also Order of Light; Defenders of Virtue
  • Tal'Keesh
    Tal'Keesh is the God of Wealth and takes the form of a dragon, which are known for their hordes of treasure. Tal'Keesh was killed in the Dragon War. Despite her death, there are people who still worship her. Prayers and ceremonies to Tal'Keesh are usually accompanied by a tribute of gold or other items of value.
  • Tokuno
    Little is known of the lands known as Tokuno. Access to their lands had been limited until only recently. Home of two very distinct classes of warriors known as samurai and ninja.
  • Three Principles
    The three core ideas of truth, love, and courge, which are the believed to be the basic ideas that should govern a person's daily life.
    - see also Eight Virtues
  • Umbra
    The rival city to Luna and home to the necromancers.
  • vendor
    Someone who works at a shop, selling goods, but neither owns the shop nor supplies the goods.
    - see also merchant; Merchant Vendor
  • Violations of Property
    The laws of Luna in regards to theft and vandalism.
  • Virtue
    The book on the Eight Virtues, written by Lord British. The most influential book in history as it has has affected the basic life philosophy of ever living being. There isn't a single living person who does not know of the Three Principles and the Eight Virtues whether they agree with it or not.
  • words of power
    A set of twenty-six words that when used in the proper combination, are a part of the process of casting a magical spell.

Table of Contents

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