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Episode 0380: A license ... to steal

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Lately I have noticed people yelling at me. Just for working my craft. It's like they don't recognize the importance of the service I provide. As if it's some shady, under the table kind of thing. Not a legit business.

That is not the case. My "lost and found" operation is crucial to a lot of peoples lives. Take this story for example, keep reading.

We begin in Luna, where I hang out in the shadows. Carefully (somewhat) keeping an eye on the general commotion around me. Entering the scene is Lord tick. He looks a bit roughed up, and perhaps drunk, when he stumbles up the stairs. Exactly the kind of person that would find me invaluable.

I need to make sure he does not carry anything worth losing...

Look at this! I'm confident Lord tick would not want's to find this, mighty fine, hat missing when his ears go numb from the cold wind in Luna.

Preventive action commenced!

Now Tick is free to be as uncareful as he'd like. Your hat is safe with me sir. I'm sure he well have a great night of reckless behavior in front of him!

*Some time passes*

Lord tick returns from his adventures with a big grin on his face. Probably even lost his head a couple of times. And now he wants to claim his hat before hitting the pillow upstairs at the inn.

He seems a bit confused from the heavy drinking he indulged in. Thinking he has to buy the hat, not only pay the safekeeping fee. But not to worry sir, I got you covered!

Hmm... The fee would be a bit higher since I had to take the initiative regarding the insurance.

I get interrupted by a fan, Kattastrophe wanting a photo of us together. And why not. I have to do some public relation stuff.

Another happy customer served! Please tell your friends.

So, as you can see, everything is in order. Still, I could use some endorsement. Maye some kind of official looking paper? A permit of sorts. As luck would have it, that's exactly what I've stubled upon.

I find Goldie Vibrissa in Magincia. And she's carrying this!

It might not be the license I need but at least she got one from somewhere. I could ask her from whom and then request one of my own.


Wait, what?!

Well, ok. I can check it out myself then.

Negative: It's personal
Positive: It's from the king himself! (Not Edward though.)

*Ponders whom of them hold the greater power*


This is perfect! Every town must recognize it and it can't be cancelled until Blackthorn dies. I hope he gets to live a long life...

I'm Goldies new best friend!

Very official looking indeed.

Here we go. The license covers lots of things but sadly not stealing. If you don't count yanking the feathers of some poor bird. Which I think would be a far greater crime than what I do. Poor birdie! :'(

By now I've hatched a new plan. I noticed Goldie was killing birds. But she doesn't have a license for that anymore! What if I could pretend to be the license inspector and collect a fee from her? For hunting without a license...

Back to Magincia!

Mental note: Mixed up genders, bump the fee higher.

*Trying very hard to keep my grin in check*

What? Really?

It can't be true! She had a copy? Foiled again!

Ok, new plan! Time to make some changes to the license I already own.

Haha! Now I have a license to do my thing. Take that haters!


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