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Episode 0281: March TOTM Tie Breaker Overtime!!!!

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After a the March (2009) Theft of the Month was left in a tie between two thieves, a tie breaker challenge had be set and the gauntlet had been thrown down.
The rules were simple:
  • What: The best steal!
  • How: Try and add a good story with it! Your fellow thieves want that!
  • Where: All over Sosaria!
  • When: Saturday, from shard up Saturday until shard up Sunday- a full 24 hours!

::Less Than 24 Hours Later::

Well, as I've said in a previous post regarding this board, I'm tired of hearing crap about my method of persuasion stealing. I'll make it simple, i'm one of the best thieves you'll ever see. Period. Regardless of what some have to say about my style....this is my rebuttal to all the haters out there about my persuasion form of stealing. Let me just show you how GOOD I am....not using ANY persuasion tactics:

Atlantic: Mini Miner
Item Stolen: Valorite Runic Hammer

So people say you need a good story behind a steal; what makes it interesting, it's not just the item, etc...mine is the fact that I could steal a high end item on a production shard without any persuasion....."old school style" so to speak.

To set the scene:

For those who play on Atlantic, Shylock is a very well known house broker, typically selling 18x18s....and in this scenario, he was advertising/gating from Luna to an 18x18 right outside of Vesper in Felluca. I will typically keep an eye out when he is advertising to see what type of person is going through the gate....because sometimes you can spot the marks that may have nice things.....but maybe not necessarily be so smart when it comes to insuring items.

I saw Mini Miner run through the gate, but also noticed that he was selling Val Runics...I put two and two together and knew this could be an easy opening. Used the hiding skill, went through the gate and snooped his pack. Right as I targeted one of the hammers, I noticed that it DID NOT have the "insured" tag on it, so Use Skill: Stealing, Last Target

Needless to say, he knew what I was doing but couldn't make it out in time.

With my nice new hammer, I figured...time to sell!

Less than a minute of entering Luna:

(Disclaimer -- since I was in Luna, I edited out the 'all names' that were irrelevant to the conversation)

Wait, what? You think that this game is going to die? That's a bit odd.....

I mean i've played since beta..find it hard to believe, but yet again, I do meet some characters when playing this game:

I should have told him that this was going up on TOTM, hence why I was quoting him.

I guess all I can say Mini Miner is that: "Yes, I will enjoy.....that nice new valorite hammer"

In the end I have done the following:
  1. Used no method of persuasion
  2. Stolen a high end item on a Production Shard
  3. Used simple tactics and explained each step of my method
  4. Capture the evidence behind it, including the steal and conversation
  5. Provided a story that is entertaining or humorous.
  6. Put a lot of thieves who talk drama in their place
  7. PROVED here and now, given this challenge, that I am one of the best thieves you'll ever see, no matter the method of item.
Finally, who needs "the chase" (that some people get off on) when the mark is the one running from you?

Hey, someone needs to keep some excitement to this board....we are almost done with April and there are no single posts.....funny what happens when I stop posting around here......

Otherwise, to those who support me and give me the respect, thank you.

To the others that like to be demeaning: OWNED


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