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Episode 0251: Zemus Submits To The King

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Not all of my subjects need to be reminded to pay their taxes. Some are wise enough to submit to my reign.

Tax paying citizens often find favor with the King of Thieves. And a Citizen in good standing, is entitled to protection.

Zemus… Seriously though, your parents really named you Zemus? You might as well be Mork from Ork or Beavis….

Anyway, from henceforth, “Zemus” is a citizen of the King.

“Zemus”… We really need to work on your name…

It all started while I was burglarizing Zemus’ house……

Zemus discovered me in the act!

Thinking fast, I reminded him that a King is only caught in the act when he means to be caught…

Wow… That was almost TOO prepared to pay…

A hitching post for my majestic pet llamas?

It’s a start….

What else have you got for me today?

And then “Zemus”……
Seriously man… We REALLY need to work on that name……..
acquiesced and provided me with the good stuff..

A princely pair of boots indeed….

While wearing them, I felt as though I could run faster, jump higher and steal more…

To the rest of you…

I’m coming for my due and proper…

-Evil Lord SMuRFY,
The King of Thieves

Really man? Really…. Please change your name…

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