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Episode 0243: The Return of the GOR Thief

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Here is the story of my most recent theft.

I went to an event on the Legends shard. The crowd was heavy for such a small shard. My curiosity got the best of me, and I began to rummage through the belongings of my fellow spectators.

Insured, Blessed, Garbage, Boring, Insured, Blessed, Heavy, Garbage....

My curiosity was starting to fade. And then I saw Helios.....

Event Moderator Helios was not the type to expect a thief... And certainly unconcerned about the danger posed to him by such a crowd of kittens...

I walked right up to him in plain sight. I opened his pack and began looking and what he might have. And there it was, an unblessed event item statue of a particularly rare hue, still unengraved. I pondered taking the statue and began an attempt when my head hurt... Helios was tapping me on the head telling me to get out of his pack. Whoops....

His tapping, jarred something loose, I hadn't paid my dues to the thieves guild for 2011!!

I panicked and ran out of the arena. I ran so fast that I soon found myself in Moonglow. I searched left and right. I checked the bank and the brothels and finally located the local union boss(thieves gm).

I paid my dues and left without delay. I ran back to EM Helios' arena and began poking through his pack again. He seemed to think he was invincible or something....

Tragedy struck my life, the statue was gone!
He'd engraved and handed out the first and second place statues....

Well, I'll check the third place statue...
Unengraved, unblessed, 1 stone.
Check, check, check.


Caught! Helios teleported me back and demand his statue.

I hid and exited his arena but I could not leave the cave his arena was in because I was flagged.

He teleported me back to him, And demanded his statue back.

"EH? I don't have your statue friend..."

"I only have my statue...."

EM Helios was not amused.

He again demanded the statue but this time I was no longer flagged, so I ran.

I ran and I ran and suddenly, I was right back next to Helios.

I ran and ran again to the same result.

This Helios fellow took a lot of the fun out of the chase. It was like some nightmare where I could run and run and never get far enough to escape my pursuer.

The same result multiple times

And finally I tried for the 9th time to escape Him. I ran through a moongate, and then another moongate, and suddenly appeared at the Luna Inn.

I logged out... with my brand new prize for being better than everyone else.

Thank you Helios, your generosity will not be forgotten. To the rest of you people...

Pay your bills, I am back....


As a result of obtaining this item, I'll be having an auction.

All bids must be posted here in this thread.
Opening bid: 50million
Buyout: 250million
CURRENT BID: 50million PoCove

The Auction will end February 16th at 10pm EST.

-Evil Lord SMuRFY,
The Last GOR Thief

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