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Episode 0146: Sweet Cruel Karma

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1: Often capitalized : the force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence.

For all you Non-Religious types it means "What goes around comes around".

Karma is a funny thing, it's the ultimate assassin, you never know when it's going to sneak up on you and provide you with an instantaneous face plant. I've been on a good streak for the most part these past 2 days, but alas things had to change sooner or later. It seems my reserve of positive karma was about used up, and I'd need to rebuild it soon, when Karma comes though it's swift and merciless.

I was paying a visit to a recent acquaintance in Heartwood, Mystery of Yew has been coming there and working tirelessly to supply me with trinkets and valuable items, well they didn't know they were working to provide me with them but well you understand. An oak runic kit appears and I go to whisk it away as only a thief knows how and the multitude of NPC's in the area cry out in Unison "GUARDS!". I try to shout back "I'm One of the People, I'm no petty human thief!" but alas karma caught me in her embrace and struck me down where I stood. I go and have my life and my body rejoined by the local healers guild master, toss him a few coins, wink and threaten in a quasi-humorous manner that I'd slit his throat if he ever tells, and make my way back to my sad furry little corpse.

**Checks inventory**

Hmm, nothing missing, good, good, it seems that Mystery was so intent on her work that she never noticed. Well back to what I was doing, I set up camp again waiting on another trinket, since during my separation she had gone to get more lumber for her craft and stowed the runic kit, I have to find something else to tickle my fancy. My wait wasn't overly long though before a rather admirable bow appears. A gift of the people on an unworthy human who's feeble attempts at constructing a weapon pale in comparison to the ancient masters of the elves. I set my eyes on it, and decide a different tactic is needed.

I'd have to avoid prying eyes this time around, it seems my art is does not please the people so I decide to wait a bit and when Mystery goes to get more lumber I'd take it away from the watchful stares and sharp eyes of my cousins. The time comes when I notice her supply is dwindling, and another runic kit has appeared, should I change my target, should I take the kit and worry not for the bow? No I'll stick with the bow, a fine weapon this could become with a bit of enhancement from a true master. I get in position just outside Heartwood and await Mystery's appearance.

There the bow is now safely back in the hands of elves, never again shall a human hand touch it! **wipes human fingerprints off bow**

**Reads the Ether-webs**

Ah ha! A Challenge has been made by Lord Noximous
"I'll slay every thief in the name of ODE!"
A challenge! I love a challenge!

I wait and watch for Lord Noximous to appear I've seen him often and with an empty pack, and due to this I've not incurred his wrath, well maybe I have....I seem to recall removing an Ankh Pendant from his personage some time back. Anyways he has issued a challenge and I'm honor bound to accept it in the name of all good thieves!...

I wait and wait I know where he lurks I know his style, and sure enough he turns up, and to make things even better he's carrying a few goodies. The only one of which though I can claim is a cursed scroll, he's in combat with a fellow though, and I'm not sure that curse is helping him any...what's a person to do in this situation?

Ahh well I'll just take it, after all he issued the challenge, what better way to show up for it and prove him wrong than to not only rob him but get away with it. But if I was to act I'd have to do so quickly before he dies, or heals up enough to risk giving chase either one!

I take it an run away, shouting out as I leave "Your Challenge hath been met you fail Sir, Good Day!"

It seems I shamed poor Noximous and he departed after this, I know he wasn't killed I managed to return in time to see him vanish through the local moon gate. Ahh well I'll just store this with the others taken from travelers that seek passage in the area surrounding my ancestral homeland.

Now since things are heating up I'll go see what else I can find passing through My turf. Warriors, and mages, both Elven and Human constantly in motion in an endless dance of death, blood is spilled and gore splattered, how I love this time of night. Ahh one of the peoples outcasts, Stinkfist banished from the homeland for acts of cold murder! Lets see if he has anything interesting for me.

Ahh a fine pitchfork very fine, not a masterpiece but very nice none the less. I'll accept this as payment for your trespass, this is my turf don't forget it.

Hmm whom else? Valiant, what's that your carrying unknown riches?

Oh my Another Pitchfork! I've stumbled on a band of cut throat perverted farmers! I can't imagine the things they've done with these pitchforks, the handles look a bit too polished if you know what I mean, it is almost disturbing to think of handling them, but I'll do it if for nothing else to deprive them of their sadistic pleasures, and their livestock from terrible splintery pain. Oh no could it be that it's not the livestock but each other.


I'll Burn them destroy them utterly I'll remove these befouled instruments from existence, I'll, I'll, "Guards can now be called on you!" I'll run for my life as Valiant gives chase trying to reclaim his disturbing instrument of barnyard fun. I make it to the cover of houses and hide, but my momentum causes me to trip and I'm revealed. I dash again and finally manage to give Valiant the slip and I settle down to further examine this cruel mockery of an honest laborers tool.

Another fine day has ended, and I'm getting the feeling that my days on Atlantic are numbered, I know soon that it will be time for me to depart, and go to another realm to spread the word of THIEF, and to remind those that think they are safe walking the lands of Felucca that Karma is a cruel mistress. Even though she punishes me from time to time, I know that I'm naught but her humble servant, and some day I'll be catching up to you. But until that day, cherish your valuables, for tomorrow there may be a new thief in town.

With Regards,

-Nexus the Thief

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