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Episode 0137: A Strange Turn of Events.

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Where is everyone?

Yew gate was almost empty, just a couple of the regulars showing up then leaving right away. Tonight was strange it should have been prime time, the gate should have been flooded with warriors, and mages, crawling with stealth archers and thieves. But I found myself almost alone something was in the air, something new something different, and I need to find out what's going on. But first things first, lets check out the few that are here.

Hmm the Fire Bug rider is dry as usual, Calico Jack has his usual assortment of scrolls, so lets see if C H U C K O has anything for me....

Ahh Power Scrolls, 110's but still I can't be overly picky, it's not like everyone carries 120 magery scrolls around with them. Hmm 110 fencing or 110 Necromancy, which one to take...I set the 110 Fencing on last target and....

I thank thee C H U C K O, you've given me a bit of hope for the long dull night ahead!.

Now lets find out where everyone is hiding....

Ice West.....Nope
Champ outside Khaldun.....Nope
Is there a Harrower?........Nope

It seems that not only were the Event Moderators that had entered the realm doing an event this night but the great folks over at Whispering Rose Radio were doing their Deal or No Deal: UO Style game show on Atlantic tonight. I decide to go to the latter and try and stay entertained, Vanna always wears the least amount possible to remain decent Smile. It seems I made a wise choice.

They kindly hand me a check for 250,000 gold pieces, and what's better yet they tell people of my journey, of my plan for a North American Tour. I'm starting to get a little respect. **Struts**

The Events wind down and I head back to Yew hoping to find people as they come staggering in, worn out from their parties, and events their senses would be dull. Hmm...no one is showing up...Oh wait...I hear the moongate vibrate as it realigns to accept a traveler.....

Orm Embar comes out along with a lone fencer whose name I missed. Orm Embar, I've not seen him yet before so that means his Pack Must Be Searched!


A Scroll of Transcendence, usable to acquire an immediate 0.3 points of skill in begging!! These items are easily demanding 150,000 to 300,0000 gold pieces for a skill such as this. Why would anyone carry something of this nature around foolishly in their pack? It makes no sense, but I'm not going to waste time trying to figure it out. There's work to do!..

Ha! I claim the scroll in the name of my brothers in the plight of the impoverished, I shall find a beggar in need of this item and pass it to him, after all they are easier to rob, you know being underfed and weak.... It seems to night would bring me little else in the way of company, I decide to make my exit, and call it if not a good day an amusing one. My mission is becoming known, my name is being whispered in the shadows, farmers are locking up their daughters whilst I'm making off with their wives. No tonight wasn't a good night, but it could have been much much worse.

So until next time cherish your valuables, because you never know when there will be a new thief in town.

With Regards,

-Nexus the Thief

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