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Episode 0124: Everything Old is New again.

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Things in the wonderful world on Chesapeake have quieted down, we've got a Zerg guild the Feluccian population can barely support, and people are growing wary of my presence. Yes I still get a few good steals here and there, but they are becoming harder to find so it's time to do as I always do and hibernate for a while. Let the stench of fear simmer down and the expectation of my greatness to appear dissolve.

Wait...wa...did I really type that Bullshit? Of course I'm not going into Hiding I'll go visit Tony!.......

I've got some friends from Chesapeake that love X-shard IDOC camping...now don't get me wrong I like IDOC's too but I like stealing best. Less people chase you at a Trammel IDOC. I decided to tag along with them and see if I could get a bit capital together on Atlantic until I could establish myself. Sure enough 5 IDOC's later I'm sitting on about 10 mil and have an Orny and Leggings of Bane to ship home to my Tamer and Dexxer on Chessy, people under estimate the power of a true Ninja, just like they under estimate the power of a true Thief....Combine to two and you can make an Action Film all alone.

But I degress, after some working and effort I finally got to where I knew I was within days of reaching my objective, so I contact Tony Emerald...

"Hey Tony"......

"Excuse me but Who the F&@K are you ICQing me?"

"Dude it's Wavy from THIEF come Guild my ass!"

Or something like that.....

Anyways my first outting into the Wide World of Atlantic Felluca...and I find...Drum Roll please..

Frickin Crickets......

* Goes to Sleep *

Now lets try this again and see...Ooo PEOPLE! lets see if I can find some shinnies.

The appropriately named Victory Dance doesn't value her Tamer Jewels too much, I'll just take that thank you very much..

*Does Victory Dance*
Take that how ever you wish...I won't argue I had to celebrate my first Atlantic Steal somehow.

About the time I'm catching my wind from my escapades with Victory Dance I spy a familiar name, though the body is quite different....Goldberg, Goldberg...OH! Goldberg Inc. Supplier of armor and other goodies in a Luna near you...that's it. Now I know they've been in business a while, and I'm sure they know the risk involved with being on my side of a red moongate, but curiosity dictates I have to check.

*Wets Robes*

OMG all so good and so so uninsured, in the Guard Zone I'm sure I'll either flag and get guard wacked, Flag and get away, or get lucky and snatch the item free and clear. If either of the first two happen well I won't get a second try.

*** picks out an Item ***

*** Reaches In ****

Crap I flagged but no one shouts! I hi tail it out of the GZ fizzling Animal form as I go.

I look at what I got I'd selected an item at random from the piles. I seems I wasn't to be disappointed.

Later on in the night I decided to pay a visit to then Reported home of Atlantic's new Event Moderators. While the decor was not quite my things (nothing to steal) I found a few interesting books, one was all about weddings. Me being me I just couldn't resist.

I can't wait to show up later to explain exactly what that means.

Here's to the spread of villainy and fear on a Shard Near you.


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