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Episode 0103: As a matter of drought

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Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English drugath, from drugian to dry up; akin to Old English dry¯ge dry — more at dry
Date: before 12th century

1: a period of dryness especially when prolonged ; specifically : one that causes extensive damage to crops or prevents their successful growth
2: a prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired

Yes there's been a drought of steals on Chesapeake, objects are showing up insured more so than usual. Have I been too good at what I do? Or is it simply karma blowing the winds of my discontent? Things had been looking rather well for a moment then like a sudden blow it all dried up.

Lets look back though over the past few days and take note of what was available to me though it wasn't much. It's funny though even in my days of endless search for items that peak my interest, it seem that the folly of the proud players of Chesapeake, when they did folly was great. I guess when it rains it pours though we've been having a streak of bright sunny days lately.

Now here's a discontent individual, his name Shadow Lancer of [Mik] he's upset about something dealing with his "Red". He's spouting off insults right and left, absorbing the retorts of his fellows and it seems Karma has something in store for him in the way of a small thief named Cereal Killer.

You see: Shadow Lancer [Mik]
Shadow Lancer: 3
Shadow Lancer: ok who wants to fight insted of being coward ass itches
Booger Boy: who wants to cry
Amber Snow: says a blue in the gz?
Booger Boy: more
Shadow Lancer: ill fight the 4 of you on foot
Shadow Lancer: im mayhem moron
Booger Boy: lol
Amber Snow: lol
Beast: Zplz no
Beast: plz dont stick the beetle on me
Target the Champion Idol of the Champion you wish to challenge!.
Shadow Lancer: beast plz dont suck anymore then you already do
Amber Snow: cry some more

Back and forth their volley of insults and insinuations go flying, while I peak in Shadow Lancers pack....Ooo Found something a Cursed Spirit of the Totem. Here I thought he was a Fel Regular from his talk, either he forgot or didn't care...well if he doesn't care I'll just take it.

You must target a Champion Idol to challenge the Champion's spawn!
Which item will you attempt to steal?
You must be standing next to an item to steal it.
Beast: thats why ur afraid to show ur tasg??
Booger Boy: CRY MORE
Booger Boy: please
Shadow Lancer: dude
Booger Boy: CRY MORE
Amber Snow: were u in champs two years ago?
Which item will you attempt to steal?
Guards can now be called on you!
You have lost a little karma.
You successfully steal the item.
Booger Boy: baby
Beast: but ur not the guild leader
You must wait a few moments to use another skill.
Shadow Lancer: il fight you 3 trash achers on foot for any amount fo gold
Beast: so stop crying
Guards can no longer be called on you.
Cereal Killer: You have hidden yourself well.

Their babble continues as I make my escape into the Forrest with 2 reds in pursuit. I loose them after a bit and quietly make my way back to the gate and to Luna to store my prize.

Days go by and no one carries much in the way of interest to me, potions and bandages aren't my thing. The few uninsured weapons are of horrible quality and hold no value, it seems another dry spell is upon me. I'd about given up hope of finding anything tonight but after a bit of searching it seems this person hasn't realized that there's a Thief on the loose, or maybe karma is just taking it's turn on him....Necro of !C! I pity thee, Karma can be a harsh mistress but alas your poor luck is my fortune!

Foolishness or simply karma has caused him to not insure a valuable artifact, it is to be mine!! He bobs on and off the screen but I have the object firmly set in my mind, I just wait till he comes close, I wait and as he fights dodging here and there he pauses close by.

A fine addition to my list of accomplishments, yet I knew not how valuable to him that lost it....

Necro: cereal
Necro: can i have my shield back??
Necro: plz
Necro: i really need it
Necro: forgot to
Necro: insure it

I ignore his plea and slip off to store my goods. Let this be a reminder to thee to keep your taxes paid!

Until Next time, may all your items be uninsured and all your thieves look at good as me!

-Cereal Killer

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