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Episode 0043: Return to Despise

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Hail friends,

Today begins in the wonderfully popular facet of Trammel. Finding nothing of value at the felucca Yew gate, I intend on luring some there from the safety of Trammel

Upon entering the city of Britain I adorn my Novice costume and acquire the necessary reagents to cast incognito.

With my identity concealed and a catching new look for the ladies, I pick an inviting motive to bring marks to the gate.

I run through the urine soaked roads, dodging sexual assaults, as I yell my lie out to the world.


Running off, I undress and return to yew where I wait for my prey.

Within the pack of Madam Hydrox I find nothing but a few bandages and an empty pouch.

*Sound coming from gate*

Enter Cloud Strife.

Another one of those tree hugging, flute playing elves.

I do hope I never decide to walk the path of an elf. I would hate to loose my mustache.

He makes for the moongate just as he stops short to greet the potential free scroll giver.

I move into position, pop his pack and find....



*sad face*

I must extend my search away from this dammed Yew moongate. I have grown sick of this place. Always the same empty pocketed, faceless nobodies.

Great adventure and fame cannot be found within the guard zone of Yew gate.

To Despise!

A maze of dark caves invested with large smelly beasts and gigantic hordes of vermin. Where mighty guilds such as TDR/J^W, BC, XV and the hated HaXz battle one another for control.

The location of two previous failures. Today I must prevail.


Upon entering I am greeted by a friendly crowd of blues, methodically killing the vermin spawn.

They chit chat back and fourth about how odd it is they haven't been raided by BC and continue to vanquish the spawn.

Barracoon quickly makes his appearance and moves west across the bridge.

I shadow jump to a carefully chosen position in between two of the combatants and pop their packs.

With two of the four packs open I have a decent chance to snag something good.

I wait patiently as they redline Barracoon.

One of my marks run out of my screen and their pack closes.

Mojo however, decides to take a dirt nap!

He is ressurected and upon return to his body I pop his pack once again.

Barracoon falls and I am greeted by a solitary 110 spellweaving scroll.

I figure it may be my only chance and I swiftly snatch the scroll and run off to safety.


My first sucessful trip to despise! Sure it may not be a 120 scroll, or something I can use; It was his and now its mine! That is the point of it all really.


*Meanwhile in the star room* [captured by Bill Brasky]

A nice addition to my stolen scroll collection! I thank thee Mojo, I only hope that next time you receive something of more value.

I think I am going to be visiting despise a bit more. ^^

*Heads to the Blue Boar for celebratory drinks*


-Jose Muerto

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