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Episode 0031: Unprecedented Events

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Buenas dias amigos!

Today my adventures begin at Luna, the great walled city of noble Paladins. I see a red gate open to my east. Two people and a rune beetle emerge. Some mule, who's name i failed to catch, being escorted to the mage shop by Slipknotica of EV1L.

Appolo begins to talk it up with this shady looking man, apparently they moved with their guilds to Great Lakes. Appolo and his guild are from Napa and EV1L is from Atlantic. Interesting News!

I wait for the red gate to take them back to (hopefully) their headquarters.

Success! They open the gate i find my self on the other side at their new HQ in Great Lakes! They were at the moment fending off a few of XV's warriors, but XV was quick to fall. I snoop a pack or two and find nothing.

They then begin to shout "In Vas Por" and i can feel a trembling of the earth. At first i am not too worried and begin to stealth away, then the tremmors occur. I loose my footing and fall into the dirt, I am revealed! One of the thugs gives chase. I quickly go into animal form and run off into the woods.

Where i proceed to mark my rune. ^^

I will return at a later date.

Now i think i will start a silver coin collection!

I head to Yew gate to find some faction silver. It was not long before i had Zumiez's pack open and i find what i'm looking for.

An easy steal! The people at yew gate are always so comfortable! They never even give chase!

Only partially satisfied I return to the gate. Snooping everyone around i find that there is no treasure to be had.

Then, I hear a sound coming from the moongate and a lone crafter, Cherry Dr Pimper, steps fourth. He begins to speak with the fighters standing in guard zone, as i begin to snoop his pack.

While he is busy giving these thugs his mercantile advice, I proceed to take my prize.

Expecting to get guard whacked, i trot slowly off into the alleyways between the houses.

No whack comes! I insure my item and return to the gate, thirsty for more Glory!

Upon my return i hear itsmehehe shouting at the top of his lungs that he is selling Alacrity Scrolls.

*In felucca?* I ponder. *Who sells cursed scrolls in Felucca?*

itsmehehe does and he is quickly making for the exit as he is humiliated by the inhabitants of the yew gate. I make my move and snoop.

My heart races.

What a FOOL! Attempting to sell Cursed scrolls at the YEW gate in FELUCCA!! I would have never expected anyone to be this careless.

I quickly steal my item and run like i have never ran before.

My brother Bill Brasky ^^ came to the gate seconds after i made my steal and managed to lift a chivalry alacrity off itsmehehe before she left from the gate.

THIEF 2, itsmehehe 0

I like that score.

Returning to luna, to bank my cursed prize, I fetch another 10,000 gp for a 110 donated to THIEF by Guild of Friends. ^^

I feel as though my day is comming to and end, and i decide to take one more trip to Yew Gate.

Where i find My greatest Treasure yet.

Almost lost because of my documentation of these adventures. I had to decide Steal the item when i had the chance or get the utility open and get pictures of them killing me as they revealed me.

I chose to steal, people will just have to believe me on this one. My first Power Scroll.

A bit north west of the yew gate i find two members of J^W calmly watching a fight between 2 blues.

One riding a Kir-in i target. I shadow jump to his locale and snoop.

I find nothing of value on him.

I slowly snuck away behind a nearby house and shadow jumped to the second target. Standing on foot, wielding a mighty crossbow with deer antlers on his head. I snoop his pack and I realize i am not getting pictures! I rush to ready my screenshot equipment as i target the white scroll buried beneath his runebooks.

He shoves me out of the way. It takes him a bit to notice and he begins to run about trying to pinpoint my location. As he passes me i decide it might be my only chance.

My hands reach out and clasp the scroll as I run off. He begins to chase but is no match being on foot as i change into animal form.

I get far enough away and hide as i take this shot.

With an incredible feeling of satisfaction I return to luna to look at my days work.

An estimated worth of 900,000 gold pieces for these two scrolls!

Until Next time,

Hasta Luego!

-Jose Muerto

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