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Episode 0327: Rich guy... doesn't have to insure I guess?

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I was tromping around some of the old Felucca RP towns today, and sadly many of them have disappeared.

Amazingly enough, even out in the middle of no-where, the authorities are on the lookout for me!

But, astonishment was in my future when I came across the old town of Darkwater near the "Fens of the Dead" swamp which is just south of Marble Island.

I had heard rumors of this rich guy, Lykor, when I got back to Catskills.

I notice he is a pesky elf.. and I didn't know how long he'd be surveying his houses.. I guess they had around 25+ buildings with Darkwater on the sign... So I shadow-jumped near him and popped open his pack as quickly as possible...

You'd think of all people that HE'D insure his stuff?!?! But when you make it THIS EASY, well, what can I say? I AM a thief *grinz*

Only ONE stealable item! But man I would LOVE to have a Vorpal Bunny to keep me company! Johnny Hooker stole my albino squirrel so I've been in need of a "sidekick"....


Thanks Lykor.. I promise I'll take care of your Vorpal Bunny.. and show him off every time I see you in Luna!!


-Francois Villon

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