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Day 2

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Day 2

In a world where travellers travel far and wide, in a town that no one lives in, only visits, it's funny who you can bump into. I decided to hit the pub early today. New information is hard to come by, with wannabe's popping up like flies. And the pub seems to be the only reliable constant hub for this sort of thing. Now if the information itself is reliable is a different story.

As I walked in, I made eye contact with a half drunk man. At first I passed him off as just another roach.

His eyes widened and at that moment I knew why. He was a childhood friend I hadn't seen in years. We grew up together. Our fathers worked at the same mill.

It's amazing what men can see through the lens of an empty bottle. I would have kept on walking, just trying to get his stentch out of my nostrils. Still, very rarely do I see a familiar face these days. One man bumping into another.

It's funny. Fate it seems, means to force the meeting.

It's settled then.

He must die tonight.

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